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2/23 c4 107AnimeGirl 144
Awh yes! Here's Captain Calan. Love to see him.

And I've answered my own question from the last review. It's good to see Noah around! I know the CN team probably didn't have time (or any effort) when they added in the Providence update, but seeing Calan and Noah is just too good.

I like the idea that, especially in the Darklands where Fuse has a stronger hold on his minions, that there's more attacks being had.
2/23 c3 AnimeGirl 144
I was right! Jack got out okay. I'm super glad.

And we've met our newest character, Naver. (I know it's called the Telepath, which is probably referring to him, but I'm putting my theory out there that Naver's an android).

I forgot to add this in my last review but I liked the idea of Providence having an outpost somewhere in the Darklands. It seems like the sort of place they'd hang out at. Also, is that Noah Gen Rex's Noah? Or an OC?
2/23 c2 AnimeGirl 144
Uh-oh! Dexter's airship went down with the Battle of Hero's Hollow, and now Mandark's airship was attacked. I feel bad for Shala deciding to stay behind, but he at least survived. (And best character Jack also lived). I feel the kid at the edge of the airship should be part of a "Who's that Pokémon?" segment.

Shala does live! But he's found someone.

And we also get to learn who it was that's after Shala. Wonder how their encounter will go.
2/18 c4 74Ways
Great chapter!
You really made the battle feel alive! There were a ton of great emotions on display and you did such a good job on just the overall sense of dread. I could feel the weight of it all.
2/16 c1 107AnimeGirl 144
This is interesting. Taking place in the Darklands is a unique way to start out the story. I liked seeing his adventure on Demongo's task. Also, the mystery of who the person is at the end of the chapter is intriguing. Wonder who it is?
5/15/2020 c1 TheOneFromSaturn
Intriguing! I'm excited to see where this goes, and just why Fusion Mandark had those... items... in his possession.

And just a little writing tip, you don't need to put a dash after dialogue. :)

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