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8/5 c3 Pip and CO
Really good ! I loved it, even though I would have loved to read more about Christine's thoughts during the pregnancy. And I'm really curious of how you would write about what happened after she gave birth, during Gustave's childhood till the moment she is asked to sing for the Phantom again. I really enjoyed your style of writing, nicely done !
6/1 c3 Drusilla Doll
Unlike the previous reviewer I don't think this is that implausible. It's bridging the gap between PotO and LND. Maybe it's a bit rushed, it would be good to get a little more of Christine's internal struggle, but the basic idea is there: rationally she thinks she should choose Raoul, but she is drawn to the Phantom despite herself. I think that's one thing people who hate on Erik/Christine ships don't understand about PotO, that (at least in the musical) Christine really does long for the phantom, she's attracted to him and the darkness and it scares her. That's why she rushes to Raoul for comfort, not because he's her true love. There's very little passion between them, mostly just nostalgic affection, and honestly it's clear Raoul is kind of a jerk and doesn't get her at all, barely listens to her and uses her as bait... That doesn't make Erik perfect, of course, and if anything they're both bad for her, but Erik and her have a truly intense connection, even if unhealthy.
5/14 c3 6cxe128
I'm sorry, but this seems very implausible - even for Love Never Dies! I do like your idea, however. Just make it more realistic/true to the source material.

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