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2/14 c11 Fredward1
Cringeeeee. “We’ve only known each other for two days”. Who gives a flying fuck? Jesus Christ, he needs to get laid.
2/14 c10 Fredward1
Beta MC. Gonna be a virgin for life
2/14 c9 Fredward1
These are the most 1 dimensional interactions
2/14 c9 Fredward1
These few chapter’s dialogue are ass. The most dull sounding conversations ever.
2/13 c6 Fredward1
So much for only using Umbrella if you run out of ideas. I guess you ran out of ideas in only six chapters.
2/13 c4 Fredward1
You could’ve just had them be two separate worlds because he can travel to multiple worlds, so why combine the two of them into one as a starter world? Did you run out of fucking ideas? The easier option would’ve been to just have it take place in the resident evil world with characters from high school of the dead but instead you just did a shitty job of smashing the two of them together. Going from easy zombies in one world to much harder zombies in another world would’ve been a better progression rather than just smashing the two of them together. I bet you realized that your gamer is OP and you decided to buff the world after a few chapters.
2/13 c2 Fredward1
Why is he worried about how others will perceive him? The apocalypse is coming. Who fucking cares? At some point, people are gonna find out so he’s just sabotaging himself by not taking the stronger job classes because he’s afraid he’ll stand out now.
2/13 c1 Fredward1
This whole first chapter is nothing but skill description after skill description.
2/13 c1 Fredward1
Bruh. With all the crazy stuff that he got just from completing the tutorial, you’d think he’d be going to a stupidly strong world. But nah, he’s going to a zombie apocalypse world with average leveled humans as potential enemies.
1/29 c3 cheza-aka-rozetta
I was initially hesitant, but now I can definitely see clearly that the hero is being guided to "build a paladin":D
12/28/2023 c7 1jiromanawari
BS! you can't diagnose Rheumatoid Arthritis just from "bone marrow disease needing blood transfusion"
12/28/2023 c4 jiromanawari
"what is them"?! jesus christ
12/28/2023 c1 jiromanawari
I call BS on all those books just being 1000yen
12/16/2023 c2 FrostyBehemoth
I am a but confused about how he keeps creating skills of other people. Because creating a sword made of mana should not have given him vergils skill, should have gotten a mana sword creation skill, and then used mana manipulation skill to control it and fire it, or telekinesis. How does him just thinking of a skill someone else had giving him there exact skill?
12/16/2023 c1 FrostyBehemoth
Nah man, the more i think about it. the more pissed im getting. Why give him the restriction in the furst place if the first day you just make it so it doesn't matter? Whats the fucking point? What the actual fuck is wrong with you? One of the most brain dead sequence of events ive encountered. At least give it a fucking week, a month or something. maybe when he's in the apocalypse or something. Fuck sake, the first day, really?
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