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for All in the Name of Revenge

6/1 c5 JJ and Kie
I love this story, it was adorable! Thx for writing it! Here's an idea for another fanfic: How their friends find out about each of them in turn? Like, maybe Kie accidentally told Sarah and made her promise to keep quiet, or Pope caught them kissing or something one time. I dunno, I just think something like that would be really fun!
5/22 c5 16RecliningHorizontally
This was quite the ride, and I loved every minute of it :) Great job! As twisted as I am, I really enjoyed the scenes where Rafe was being an absolute asshat, but the tenderness between JJ and Kie was great as well.
As infuriating as it is, Rafe would quite likely get away with doing something like this (or only get a slap on the wrist). Based on my own experiences this is not far fetched at all. I grew up in Denmark a lower middle class kid, but went to school with lots of rich kids, who'd definetely be labeled Kooks, and I've seen and heard firsthand what rich parents can get you, and it sucks for the rest of us...
5/15 c4 Guest
This is great!
5/15 c1 Carol
Amei o capítulo, você escreve muito bem!
5/16 c4 madisonpllbigA
This is actually amazing!
5/15 c4 SophieLove21093
More please. I just love them!
5/13 c1 Guest
i liked the ending
5/13 c2 Amy237
I love this so much! Such a good story, I need more! Please have Kie getting hurt and JJ being protective (that sounds so dark I’m so sorry) love the story so far
5/14 c3 burnsnat16
5/14 c3 SophieLove21093
They are such amazing paring. I hope it happenes soon!
5/14 c3 madisonpllbigA
This is amazing!
5/12 c1 Guest
oooo this is interesting! i love this and i think it’ll be interesting to see if rafe tries hurting kiara to get to jj because i feel like that would torture him more than physical abuse! update soon i can’t wait for more!
5/14 c3 WhaleTale47
The ending of that chapter was so cute! I loved it!
5/13 c2 WhaleTale47
This story is sooooo good! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
5/13 c2 madisonpllbigA
I’m crying! I hope they get rescued soon!
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