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for Final Fantasy VII: Overture of the Princess

5/13/2020 c1 Certiv
This is a beautiful one-shot showing just how much Jessie changed throughout her life, from a believer in Mako as a young girl, skeptic of Shinra after the encounter with Rachael, her attempting to carryout her dreams as an actress, becoming broken after her father's accident, hating Shinra after their treatment of her father, throwing herself into learning everything of planetology, finding AVALANCHE to join its cause, and finally fully committing herself to their fight.

You took the expanded characterization and backstory they gave her in Remake and expanded it even more in a manner that feels as if it was an official part of the game. It was also nice to see Jessie meeting Tifa, her two buds, Wedge and Biggs, and finally Barret. Plus, the references to how she puts up an act to hide her true feelings and insecurities, much like the game. In some ways she mirrors Cloud in terms of putting a front, I suppose that's why she's attracted to him, apart from Cloud being a looker. Her "taste" in what exactly she's looking for in a guy pretty much fits him as a "knight in shining armor," lol.

I loved pretty much everything about this, and would love to see more. Either a continuation of this or a full blown FF7 story like your others. Like you, I also hold the belief that Jessie might live based off the hints we saw in the end, and I hope we get to see her, Biggs, and Wedge in future installments.

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