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7/2 c11 Susieliz
I hope you plan to continue this story
I hope they can reconcile. Marry. Raise their child (ren)..
7/1 c11 12arubagirl0926
Very cute ending
6/19 c1 kelly osland
I can’t wait for an update
6/14 c11 Kellybras
awesome update
6/13 c11 Megan.e.hutchinsongmail.com
Great update! I wish they would talk and finally be honest with each other. Please update again soon!
6/12 c11 Guest
Great that you’re back! Loved the chapter. And Logan and Rory - they live each other and need to get their act together asap!
6/12 c3 Guest
Very fun story so far! First story I’ve seen where Odette and Rory actually meet!
6/12 c11 bseriel
Uggggh they are both too stubborn! I do hope something happens between them intimately
6/12 c11 52shari
I like the chill Mitchum. The give and take banter between Logan and Rory was perfect. Anxiously waiting for more
5/27 c10 Guest
Great story. Please update it.
3/16 c10 AboutAce
I found that story and I really like it. I hope you will continue writing.
2/12 c1 Guest
I like your story! Any chance for an update?
11/20/2021 c10 Ambarad12
Very much enjoyed and can’t wait for more!
9/4/2021 c10 Wendy68
Just found this and absolutely love it! Can’t wait for more!
8/25/2021 c10 JTRF
Just finding this story. Love it and its uniqueness. Please update soon!
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