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7/28 c1 340Random Guise
Back in the Jurassic period when I was 8 or 9, I came across a wasp nest inside an old abandoned car at my aunt's house. Never having seen one before, I made the mistake of plucking it from the vehicle to inspect it.

Big mistake.

Thank goodness for the invention of those "shoots spray 20 feet!" cans. Now the only hazard is when I'm spraying my house's eaves and the stuff drips down on me along with falling victims to my chemical barrage.

As for lawn mowers, I just leave mine outside - they get trapped by other accumulated possessions all too easily. But good story of how Indy would have handled the problem.
6/28 c1 CaptainCrunch111
That was awesome!
5/23 c1 170hippiechick2112
LOL I figured I'd volley and read some of your stories. Honestly, I was laughing in my chair. It was a pretty good 1 shot! I can picture it too, in the same manner as snakes until the end. I love it!
5/17 c1 15Azalea542
Wasps...why did it have to be wasps?

Funny idea to have an everyday scenario be a scenario of action & adventure for Indiana Jones!
5/14 c1 124gp96cdx5
Okay, that was really funny! I hate all stinging insects as I am allergic! I feel your pain...Or my brother's pain. Why does stuff like that happen to us innocent fanfic writers?

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