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for Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Obscured Truth: Roxy's Reports

6/5 c23 5HunterHQ
I like these fairly much and look forward to what you make for season 2's second ED and season 3's OP and ED as well as future seasons after that for it leaves much to speculate.
5/9 c22 Naruto1999
5/9 c22 HunterHQ
Way you said Roxy having a 'look' kinda reminds me a bit of the 'stare' from Fluttershy in My Little Pony. Or the scary looks Captain Unohara from Bleach gives. Interesting how he met Takeru there, wonder how Flame picked up on him and not tried to contact Herald. Curious if you'll touch on where he'll be staying too.

I find Takeru more of a temporary exchange student since he leaves at the end of season 3, while maybe Windy's partner, if he decides to go to Den Academy, can be a transfer student and stays permanently there being like a class clown I picture that.

It was very romantic between Miyu and Yuhiro then, wonder if we will see his reaction the next morning. They better make it last. (A last note if this is 2 months after chapter 44, which is 1.5 months after season 1, that means over 3 months have passed total and next day will be season 2's start? A bit confused there.)

Still it is a big jump curious about the status of the Black Market at this point and if it hampered New Vrains' opening.

I'm a little curious as the FBI know everything so they know Azrael's real identity too? Think they Have access to the higher level security that Ghost Girl said is on the Lost Incident Victims? Sol has access to it too right? Only because it was protected, she and Akira couldn't see it?

I find the story a bit incomplete without OP and ED for season 1, need help to do one that you can edit in one chapter or maybe in the profiles?

Wonder if Other yugioh series will be referenced besides? Or maybe even be tv shows here and that the Yugi Muto they referenced was based on a great movie they watched once hehe.
4/28 c21 HunterHQ
Like in Vrains overdrive How they had some duel monsters come alive. Roxy’s thoughts on a Zoo for duel monsters, imagine the uses they can have in the real world Too. Starting to be like arc v concept in Vrains.

Perhaps what they can do is Find Ace then they can find Athaliah, they can go see other branches for info? Check with Monty only to find him dead, Or the overseer For whereabouts on Ace.

Athaliah is kinda Like Go onizuka with Her real name And all meaning they are both arrogant?

Also guess they will only see the info next chapter then from the USB, everything is coming together. They really should seek out Watchman by now he should be coming clean.

At the end it’s clear that the character there is Windy’s origin and he uses clear wing meaning it’s likely speedroid. Have an idea you can base his character off Teseo from Gunvolt 2 who is an internet troll much like Windy being a troll. Wonder is this before his accident? Wonder how he may live too. Seems Yuhiro May meet him next chapter too.
4/15 c20 HunterHQ
Forgot to add, was thinking the duel disk and deck Yusaku had I think it can be possible for some of the lost incident victims who weren't duelists perhaps they were also supplied decks and duel disks as well when they woke up in their room. Maybe they all had the same deck to make things a fair and equal test.

Wonder whom they duelled, one another or AI virtual duels like Go did with a virtual Playmaker when he had the AI in his brain.
4/15 c20 HunterHQ
Think Accesscode talker may be the representation of both Black and White ignis or would you give that role to code talker and code talker inverted? Or would you make OC ones? Hope decode talker heatsoul gets used in the future, maybe after season 3 since you plan on continuing after that.

Been curious too as to how Kusanagi set up his cafe also after he decided to do hacking, maybe it was a way to make quick money to set up his equipment in store, guess maybe he had to budget too for buying ingredients for his food as well. As for Yusaku wonder how he learnt to hack as well, wonder if Ai slowly influenced him too.

Another world legacy deck you forgot it Knightmare, which also has a cyberse, wonder if that may appear too or if there are multiple copies of the same decks.

If Roxy has Insectophobia why she decided to play resident evil 4? Wonder how she got it, also bugs aren't as big a problem compared to rats. Would be funny if she gets pranked with a bug hehe just so see her girly side.

Have to say didn't expect Yukage to take in Speckles like that, wonder if they'll go after Kitamura later. Kinda expected a profile from him. As for how Speckles got into the Hanoi servers I guess he duelled one grunt and slowly gained access to it, even copying the Another virus too.
3/28 c19 HunterHQ
Wow Progleo mauling? He's too adorable for that, if he were rasterliger maybe. Still though if Miyu were to flirt with Yuhiro he wouldn't be as resistant, plus she's an adult and he's a kid so that would make things awkward for her and him.

Also Roxy sure has a big ego too with the grade but it was hilarious, poor Herald, at least he can hide in the disk like a turtle or teleport to the tv or other hardware to escape so unless Roxy is willing to smash every bit of equipment in their home he'd be safe. (Don't think mere firewalls and anti virus software can stop an ignis).

(You know I somehow will picture her as one of those 'christmas cake' women who want to get married but when they are older they'd be envious or depressed of others haha)

As for the 2 scenes...wow what to say but they make me excited. Had a feeling Kitamura was still around, wonder what he's been up to all this time, also wanting to murder Raguel...he'll get arrested for sure for that if they trace back to him. Now we get the name of the hacker whom he hired to help him find the Hanoi base and no doubt the Another virus, seems like this may be one of Raguel's greatest challenges yet.

Also the Mayan temple with Ancient Ghost, wonder how or when Ai set that up (Are these all VR cards or have real life ones too hidden?). How did Kitamura get a whiff of that rumour I wonder before it's made public, also will Ai actually murder anyone like how he did in the first dungeon, episode 65 how many may have been trapped in the dungeon like Yusaku mentioned? Wonder if Azrael and Wraith would pick up on this too since cyberse matters do concern them.

Wonder if Ai has any contingency if anyone else other than Yusaku were to have gotten the cyberse cards for the previous dungeon and for this one.

I think you should also include Kitamura in the next profile, also Will you do Kazuma's droid as well sometime later?
3/24 c3 HunterHQ
Regarding Aoi I don't think it was made clear how her and Akira's parents met, or how their original parents met one another and broke up thus leading to them becoming step siblings when their remaining parents met (Wonder if you'll explore on that?)

For Ema, don't think she mentioned how she felt when she discovered she had a half brother and how she may have looked at her father for having an affair with another woman. Having deserted them too and why he never went back to take responsibility.

Then there's Numera whose parents left her with a monster of a caretaker and with Revolver with only a single dad whose mum divorced likely for his atrocities. Then there's Dancho, who lost his son and maybe his wife died giving birth.

And Infearno too whose family was murdered, Specter who was abandoned at a tree, Soulburner who lost his parents in an accident, and then let's not forget Yuhiro whose family is dead likely. And how you gave Miyu a backstory with her parents murdered too.

Wow have to say family matters and issues sure are complex in Vrains.

(Wonder if Kusanagi still keeps touch with his own parents too since he now has to look after Jin it seems).
2/26 c18 HunterHQ
Glad to see this, very detailed updated history too for both duelists featured here. Guess Rosetta is confirmed to be a charisma duelist but it will be awkward though considering she attacked 2 of them and aided the tower of Hanoi’s construction so good luck being welcomed or accepted for her, still am sure she will make it and hope to see blood rose dragon as well. (Hope she does find a nice guy to help her out, who were you thinking of shipping her with? The wind ignis’ partner or maybe even Jin when he gets better?)

As for Ace if they narrow down casinos in real life maybe they can find him but wonder after his escape has he been able to secure his territory again? Wonder if we will have more bosses from the black market.

Whoever the other animal reporters are they must be brave, devoted or insane like Frog and Pigeon to go recording in the tower of Hanoi incident. I would have thought Azrael to send them the footage since he was there at the time, though at least now they can see the footage of other duels like Go With Revolver for example. Or Specter with Blue Angel. Wonder what Herald was thinking reaching out to Frog and Pigeon and surely they must have heard about the ignis from Revolver and the Hanoi in their monologue, think they may rag out Herald for even more money? (The jet pack is that the one they use later in season 2?)

Since Azrael hacked into the editing room through Frog and Pigeon using Wraith wouldn’t that mean he now has access to Yuhiro’s systems? Would be nasty...also seems at the end Tsubaki is flying off like the OP but wonder what if Ace May interfere or make it crash...I worry about that since it can be possible but will see, since she is featured to be around again later in season 2.

Look forward to next chapter will be with character development for sure.
2/5 c17 HunterHQ
I enjoyed this and no doubt Herald will look to more summoning methods after this.

Glad Jin is better hope to have cameos of him in chapters to come, Miyu too...sad to say what will happen ton them both later after those 3 months when they've made much progress...

As for Specter in a speed duel considering the BitBoot duels in mirror vrains later on we can expect a 'flying tree' to come soon haha.

Think you may reply to reviews here too?
1/26 c16 Anonymous
The fact that Infearno got possessed by actual demons, pure malevolent evil beings WITH free will of their own no doubt there would be a dimension full of them too so wouldn't THEY be way more of a threat to humanity than the ignis to the Hanoi? After all the ignis are man made so wouldn't demons be a priority danger especially since anyone can dabble in black magic and voodoo allowing evil spirits from the netherworld to enter the human realm?

Same goes maybe for angels since human dabbling will make it easy to bring divine punishment upon the world, or is it that the Hanoi just won't involve themselves in such affairs anymore and they can't handle every case worldwide as such? Still if a program was used to limit them, I wonder if that program was used later on in Pandor so her free will is controlled, and Kazuma's droid was the basis for her?

(Think Kogami should have used that free will limiter when making the ignis the first time? Since it happened later on after their creation guess the Hanoi didn't have it last time and only developed it later for future AI after seeing simulations.)

Side note 2 other ideas came to mind for future profiles being Kazuma's droid with the gradius deck or Kitamura since he was shown to duel Akira? Think Watchman should be updated too with crimson nova?
1/17 c16 Cosmic Cat
2 Stars
Even it seems that knowing details about Lord Kazuma's past several things remain a mystery about him.
Lord Kazuma's secret wizarding village is no longer on his profile.
Herald justified too much Stregone a good duelist should always act as if the opponent has countermeasures by not expecting it Stregone became a bad duelist with good cards I would have left him where he was.
However, the attempt to generate intrigue about him did not work.
1/17 c16 HunterHQ
Have to say this was a nice detailed report, wonder if they will ever get the deck back from Takeya, also wow Infearno’s monsters being real demons is freaky, imagine if people began dabbling in voodoo or black market to summon spirits to convert into duel monsters much like the ancient Egypt times in yugioh DM.

For Stregone no doubt he’d be number 2 once Go leaves and Blue Angel becomes number 1.

Eagerly awaiting for Azrael’s debut next chapter shame that Herald hopes for no mor enemies yet this is merely the beginning of what is in store for them.
10/23/2020 c15 HunterHQ
I take it that Kazuma’s droid would be in profiles too? I have a feeling Herald would nerd out about it to no end and they’d have to mute him just to shut him up like they did Ai haha.
9/25/2020 c9 Noobmaster
Considering someone like Baira/Kyoko Taki is a doctor in real life yet was involved in the hanoi project years ago, how exactly is her info not well known or mentioned by Sol is a mystery to me since she hasn't been monitored by security or still in prison. Maybe said data could’ve been used by the heroes to trace back to her colleagues at work in the hospital, maybe they can ask them to more info to her background or if they may have known her involvement with Hanoi too.

Unless of course she erased her own data after the incident so she couldn’t be followed or found and started with a clean slate...at least data wise.
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