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for Frankenlumpy

6/12 c1 MarioFan88
List of deaths in this fanfic:

Lumpy: Hit and splattered by The Mole’s truck (Revived as Frankenlumpy)

Cuddles: Arm torn off, then top of head ripped off by Frankenlumpy

Lifty and Shifty: Heads smashed together by Frankenlumpy

Russell: Eaten by piranha

Handy: Flattened by his own bulldozer driven by Frankenlumpy

Frankenlumpy: Burned to death by Sniffles’ flamethrower (Revived as Lumpy)

Alive Characters: 2 (Lumpy, Sniffles)

Dead Characters: 5 (Cuddles, Handy, Russell, Lifty, Shifty)

Survival Rate: 28.5%

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