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for My Best Friend

5/15/2020 c1 ChillFanGirl
Short but sweet, I like it, the squip was indeed horrible and of course the things it said are not true, Michael on the other hand is sweet, he is my favorite character in Be More Chill, the fact that he would make sure Jeremy knows that he is not terrible but amazing is just so sweet #michealmellisasweetheart, and the ending of this short story is wonderful, I it all, this was well written, and like said short but sweet, that is good.
Okay, I know this is weird to ask but my birthday is on May 26th, and I was wondering if you could do a Be More Chill fanfiction request for my birthday, plus because of the virus and being stuck in quarantine I won't be able to have a birthday party or even have cake so it would be nice if you could do this fanfiction request for me I would really appreciate it.
So here is the story it's about 8 years later after the events of what happened in the Musical they (Jeremy, Michael, and Christine) have graduated from high and are almost done with college, Jeremy and Christine get married and have a little girl they named Juliet (after the character from the Shakespeare play Romio and Juliet) and Michael he is the funny "uncle" Juliet even calls him Uncle Michael. When Juliet was still very young Christine died do to a staging accident (she became an actress for a local theater company and she was preforming a production of Hamlet when a fire broke out in the theater she sadly died due to her burns) anyway when Juliet was five years old she told Jeremy about the squip (this freaks him out because he never told her about the squip at all) we find out that she is phsycich and can also move things with her mind. Also as she gets older she starts to realize her mother's death was not an accident and that it might be related to the squip incident from when her father and mother were in highschool. Also we get to meet the kids of Jake Dillinger, Chloe Valentine, Brooke Lohst, Jenna Rollen, and Rich Goranski. Also this fic has Boyf-Riends in it (that is the ship name for Michael x Jeremy) because Michael and Jeremy though the years after Christine's death have been falling in love with each other. (Jeremy is bisexual and Michael is gay) also for Michael and Jeremy's jobs, Jeremy is an accountant and Michael he is the owner and manager of an arcade/and laser tag place he calls Mell's Retro Gaming Place and the place had both classic new and new remakes of classic arcade games (like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong,etc.) the place also has a a laser tag zone, a bumper cars ride, and a snack bar that also has a slushy maker. A lot of people have birthday parties at Michael's arcade. So that is the story please do it for me, thanks.

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