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for Her Dreams Became Nightmares

7/18 c28 7WindSongEnchantment
Yay, Tauriel!
7/14 c28 partygirl98
You're back! I missed this story! I do hope Kili is able to get better. Will Tauriel heal him or the town healer? Wait does that mean Baylee will get attacked by the dragon!? Ahhh then that means she's in danger. What will happen!? I bet Thorin will regret that decision.
7/13 c28 Valli1312
Oh yes I knew it, Tauriel to the rescue!
7/9 c27 Valli1312
Awww I cannot wait until they reach the mountain
6/17 c1 Tom Bombadil100
I thought this would come up short but it's better than I thought it would be.
6/9 c27 partygirl98
You're back! I'm so happy to see an update and I'm happy to wait as long as you need. This was a sweet update with many important parts. Please say this is going to be okay. You aren't going to kill Kili right? I'm excited to see this continue! Take all the time you need!
5/12 c26 7Lady-Finwe
great chapter. I dont mind if the chapters are smaller as this story is way too good. Which ever makes it easier for you :)
5/12 c26 partygirl98
You're back! Lovely update and hey I recognized Adela and the full tankered! Can I also say I really really really want to punch the Master in the face. He always was creepy. I do hope Bilbo gets better and nothing bad comes for Baylee. Especially if Thorin leaves her in Lake Town.
5/1 c25 Lady-Finwe
wow please update soon this is a fantastic story :)
4/7 c25 7WindSongEnchantment
So darn CUTE!
"WHEN we get married."
"OUR bed."
You're making me squeal! Lol
4/7 c25 partygirl98
Yay! Ohh I was sooo happy to see this update! All the feels in one place before things go south. I did not realize how long these chapters were but I would be fine with shorter ones if it means more updates!
3/21 c24 Valli1312
Ahaha I loved how commanding Baylee was, can’t wait for her to bossy Thorin again in the future
3/21 c24 4elvinscarf
Love it!
3/10 c24 23amethsyte
Ouais ! Bon retour ! Quel plaisir de vous lire ! Hzte de lire Baylee grondant Thorin !
3/9 c24 7WindSongEnchantment
Ha! Love it :D talk about a queen!
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