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for Her Dreams Became Nightmares

8/9 c8 Jillian Baade
Reading both your Hobbit stories and enjoying both very much!
8/8 c8 partygirl98
No no no. I'm happy for the update thank you for update. But what have you done to poor Baylee. Please tell me she won't loose her sight? I mean I understand if you do because it gives the story something but at the same time I hope she's going to be okay. Why must you leave this chapter at such a cliffhanger? What's going to happen!?
8/8 c8 Guest
If anyone can heal that eye it's lord elrond...
8/8 c8 Guest
Woo! Love the update and cannot wait for more. Sucks about the eye but she gonna look BADASS and FIERCE with her battle scar..
8/5 c7 partygirl98
Aww I liked this chapter. Baylee is great and I'm excited for the troll scene that's next! and where did Gandalf disappear to hmm. So many questions so little time. Waiting for the next chapter with excitement!
7/22 c6 1WindSongEnchantment
Awesome! Love Baylee and Thorin's quiet moment! Can't wait for more, keep up the great work!
7/22 c6 partygirl98
An early update yay! I will not complain about an early update. Loved this chapter and loved seeing more back story of Baylee. It's interesting to see the relationships forming. I'm excited for the next update!
7/22 c6 Jillian Baade
Come on Baylor, you know you secretly want to see naked dwarves..how else will you know how hairy they truly are?
7/9 c5 angel9507
I can’t wait for Thorin and Baylee to fall in love. They are going to be such a cute couple.
7/8 c5 partygirl98
yay an uodate! I loved the interaction between Baylee and Fili and Baylee and Thorin. I'm excited to see what's in store for the hobbits and when Thorin and Baylee will start to develop feelings.
6/24 c4 partygirl98
Yay an update! It always puts a smile on my face when you update. I'm excited to see how adding Baylee to the mix with the quest will go. Will we see more Thorin Baylee interaction? Slow burn? On the edge of my seat waiting for the next update!
6/16 c3 12Faron Oakenshield
Looking good so far, I can't wait to read more xx
6/10 c3 partygirl98
Yay an update before bed! I squinted at my screen but I just had to read this next chapter. I love how you have incorporated Baylee in this story. Excited to see mote!
5/27 c2 partygirl98
Yay! Another chapter! I loved this one and thank you for making me hungry. Excited for the next chapter!
5/14 c1 1eeemkaaayy
Oh this is cute! I'm enjoying it so far
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