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7/22 c1 Ancalagon
Disagree. Princess Allura is the leader of the Voltron rebellion, because she actually understands diplomacy. The Black paladin is the leader of Voltron, i.e. any military decision. Princess Allura has a dual role as leader of the rebellion and as the Blue Paladin. She can be overruled in any military decision (indeed it's not her responsibility to make such) but hers is the final decision in matters of diplomacy.

Admittedly the whole team aims to gain common consensus for actions in general - chain of command is not strict except under urgent conditions (usually battle) when of course it falls to the Black Paladin.

Basically what I'm objecting to is Lance claiming to be Princess Allura's superior in a non combat situation. The story doesn't need this to work - it's perfectly fine for Lance to go against Allura in a diplomatic setting with sufficient reason. Lance claiming superiority essentially implies that Allura doesn't have the authority to make any promises to planets - it would need to be the Black Paladin (optionally by the Black Paladin delegating his authority to another, but that would need to be explicitly spelled out).

Anyway, thanks for sharing the story - it is a great premise, even if I disagree with the execution.
7/14 c1 NightshotShadowFury
This is beautiful and I love it. You've put it together so well, it makes me feel very happy. Giving Keith love is something I will never tire of.
6/30 c1 5Forgotten Coffee
l a
6/19 c1 2Shadowbird5
This was amazing and beautiful and wonderful and I'm literally crying from the feels!️ So well done, and the imagery of Lance defending Keith was PERFECT! Oh my gosh I could gush for days about how good this is, but I'll try not to; cannot wait to see what works come next!
5/28 c1 M00nDragon
Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Taegalad

Happy birthday too you

Happy birthday and stay safe. May you live a long and peaceful life
5/15 c1 17Moleluv
Happy late birthday to Taegalad! (Hope i spelled that right). Ironically, that is the same day as my granddad’s birthday. I love all of your fanfics. It was actually reading your AoT fanfics that made me want to watch the series, and I love it. (It was actually the same for Voltron, now I think of it...). You are a great author.
5/14 c1 4DestinyDragons101
I wonder, did the royals look past his heritage?
5/14 c1 6bluesharky
This was a nice read. I really felt something seeing Lance stand up to those raciest scum, great job. It's been awhile since I've seen Voltron, after that horrid last season scared me away, but I honestly think you'd be a better writer for the series. Honestly I wish there were more writers like you in the Voltron fandom. It's nice that you show the love of family, rather than, the more 'overused type of love'.

One thing I might recommend for future stories is maybe try to have the characters sound more unique from each other? Kinda like what you did with Lance near the end, like how he called Keith Mullet at times.

Keep up the good work :)
5/14 c1 55Sparrow-Talon
5/14 c1 Kai
How can you say it's not one of your bests!? I mean granted, I have no idea what the others are, but this my friend is absolutely spectacularly amazing! Thank you for writing!
5/13 c1 7KleopatraVII
This is really good! I absolutely love the way you show the characters' emotions! And you tell them Lance!

Lance! You dork! You're supposed to say you were shot earlier!

5/13 c1 3PrismaPup7
Lol, I had to do a double take when I saw the title of this, and now I've got that song stuck in my head XD And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEGALAD! :3

Okayy, on to the story! First off, I love that they still have the castle! I agree with you - canon has some serious issues. Also, Galra!Keith. Yes. And everyone just accepting it and treating him like normal... Oh, and Lance and Keith actually getting along! I love thinking of Voltron as a family, but sadly the show doesn't really portray them as one - half the time they're all doing their own things, and Coran doesn't get the recognition he deserves as Space Uncle :(

Lance standing up for Keith had me grinning maniacally, like, "YES LANCE, ROAST THEM! SHOW THEM WHO'S BOSS!" Honestly though, the King and Queen don't even deserve a second chance. So rUDE. COME ON, IDIOTS, THEY JUST SAVED YOU FROM THE GALRA! SHOW SOME RESPECT! GEEZ! (...That small part where Lance talks about racism tho... ouch, my heart. This poor boy.)

And then the group hugs at the end... AHHHH I LOVE IT! And yeah, I'm really not sure how I feel about Allura. In the show, her character is just all over the place - sometimes she's okay, and other times I don't like her very much. At least in this fic, she was able to realize that what she did was wrong, and apologized for it. Good job, Allura!

Haha, and of COURSE Lance would forget that he was shot. Also love how he still has a lingering fear of cryopods - I headcanon that he became claustrophobic after that episode. And Keith just being exasperated about the whole thing and offering to sleep in the med bay... XD

All in all, I really enjoyed reading this! (If you can't already tell by the humongous comment lol) And thank you for mentioning the Bible verse - with all the free time I have, I really should be spending more of it reading my Bible. Have a lovely rest of the week, and stay safe out there! :3 3
5/13 c1 Shiranai Atsune
I love this so much! I can’t wait to read more!

Paladin family forever!

I wish there were more fics like this!
5/13 c1 5BooksUnderTheStairs
Ohmygosh that was utterly amazing! I got shivers when Lance was going off to the royals. It was written so well with such emotion that I could practically taste it in the air! Thank you for gracing us with this beautiful piece of familial love.
5/13 c1 12G. E. Gabriels
This is awesome, and I'm praying right back. Nice work!

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