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10/18/2022 c71 Nathair1
originally didn't try this story, glad i did

when's the next chapter
8/18/2022 c71 9OniTenshi500
You really need to work on chapter length and its consistency. You started off with extremely short chapters, then began having longer chapters, and now it's back to short chapters. You should be aiming for at least two thousand to three thousand words in each chapter.
8/9/2022 c71 4Monster King
8/8/2022 c70 Monster King
Good job please continue
8/7/2022 c9 Face Yourself
You spam the (incorrectly hyphenated) words "Infinite Demi-Dragon Goddess" way, way too often. It's not hard to come up with a shorter form of address or description, nor one that doesn't sound quite so simultaneously pompous *and* lame as that one.
7/1/2022 c10 Bronze
What an appropriate name for him though frankly I think Fumblemort is better in that he always FUMBLES everything when it comes to Harry. I don't expect Flitwick will approve of Blake and Luna sharing a bed. I know the old headbastsrd won't! It's not right for two females to love each other! They need to find the appropriate male of the right bloodline and have children to teach to worship him. Blake is from a long and very respected Bloodline like her brother. So, her liking girls over boys will just not be allowed by Good Ole Fumblemort and through him his teaching staff. I seriously doubt that Luna's bothered by that idea very much. She seems quite interested in Blake in the same way Blake is in her. It'd be very nice if Blake could awaken Luna's Goddess powers before the end of the story. That'd really give Good Ole Fumblemort something to worry about!
7/1/2022 c9 Bronze
Oh, that's gonna truly piss off the ministry of/for morons, the Dragon Handlers and most likely Good Ole Fumblemort. There's always the possibility that the ministry of/for morons might try to force the money to replace Blakes' dragon from Good Ole Fumblemort or even Hogwash. Though knowing Good Ole Fumblemort, he'd simply take the gold from the Potter Family vault to pay instead of his family's. It's not like he'd even consider that it was his fault for involving Blake in the Tournament. But of course, he needed to find his weapon against Vulturewurst and get it back under his control. That it might wind up costing him and the magical world of more than he thought never even entered him mind.
7/1/2022 c8 Bronze
Sooner or later Blake will have to have it out with Good Ole Fumblemort and make it damn clear if he doesn't start using her true name as she considers it, she ensure he learns from this very personal large mistake. Though personally, I don't see him learning jack shit without spending time with some extremely unpleasant creature. If, as in one fic I read, he were to get buggered several times over the course of his stay there, so much the better. However it wasn't he who got buggered though. It was Krum from a miscast charm on a dragon. It might just drive the point home. I say might as nothing ever seems to show him the error of his ways.
7/1/2022 c7 Bronze
I always knew the magical world of Britain was exceptionally slow but this shows them as absolutely ass backwards! I mean by that that Blake shows up vie a Magical Transport Circle which takes an insane amount of power to use at the drawing of the names for the champions. Does magic WITHOUT a wand and yet the brain-dead so-called adults can't nor won't admit to her magical power level. Ya know, I thought the supposed motto of Hogwash was " Never tickle a sleeping dragon. " But it's like none of these so-called adults either know or remember that. Maybe if Blake swatted the Chief Meddler in Charge the light bulb would go on for the first time in almost a century! Not that it'd be all that bright after all that time.
7/1/2022 c6 Bronze
Shot down on his first attempt to talk to Blake? NOT EVEN CLOSE! In simple terms, he was so filled full of whole before the air-to-air missiles as well as the anti-aircraft missiles hit. Poor dumb bastard never even knew what hit him! However, he will be back to try again. He's in no way shape or form the sharpest knife in the draw. Never mind in the world! The stupid sorting hat should never have placed him in the house of the cunning! So far, he simply hasn't shown any. He's shown more Gryffindor traits than he ever has Slytherin! And now he's working very hard to piss off a Demi-Dragon GODDESS. He succeeds and dear ole daddy'll be in need of brand-new heir. It'd be so nice if she cursed dear Lucius with infertility so he could never beget another child in his life. Also, if she cursed him so he could never Blood Adopt a magical child. Then move on to making ole Moldy Voldy and all his Voldettes follow him back to MAGIC and be sure to drag the Drag Queen Fumblemort right along with them. He's long past his sell by date.
7/1/2022 c5 Bronze
Just as I expected. I've always loved reading about Luna in just about every story. I especially like a Harry/Hermione/Luna story as the insanity is almost always entertaining. Unfortunately, not a lot of authors can do a really good Luna Lovegood story. So, I'm hoping this turns out to be one of the really good ones. At the moment I'm awaiting Good Ole Fumblemort to stick his beak into Blakes' business. As soon as he realizes that she's the lost Potter twin that he lost track of 14yrs ago I expect him to start bugging her as to where she's been all these yrs. I also expect him to once again bind the ever-loving shit out of her once he does. After all, he can't have anyone as powerful or even worse yet, more powerful than himself. His ego just simply will not permit it! I expect he'd do the same to Luna if he ever found out she of HOLY decent.
7/1/2022 c4 Bronze
Well, it would seem that this Weasley has no more active brain cells than just about any other if the fan fiction universe. Most of the time a stone you'd find at random somewhere would be as smart or possibly smarter than Mr. Ronald B. Weasley. As to who the HOLY presence is, I'm gonna guess Luna Lovegood.
7/1/2022 c3 Bronze
Well, there's the hint the old fraud needs to figure out who interfered with his plan to place Blake Potter with Petunia Dusley. Though I truly doubt he'll figure it out. After all, why would he even think a true GOD would bother to interfere with his plans for the greater good? Even if his greater good is the greatest of evils! He can't even admit to himself when he's made a mistake large or small! I really hope he comes to enjoy what Blake can and will do to Tournament! I don't expect the dragons of the first task to be any problem whatsoever. I truly think they'll recognize exactly who her mother is and be more than glad to simply give her the egg. And it should be that her dragon just hands it to her, the judges'll have fits because of it! Not that she'll care though.
7/1/2022 c2 Bronze
Told Ya! I knew the old bastard couldn't resist meddling in things not his business! And there's no way he nor his mind controlled so-called professors could ever be ready for Blake to return! Never mind attempting to control nor teach her anything. She'll very like attend and turn the entire magical world of Britain on its head! With a sir name of Potter, Snape'll go out of his way be as nasty as is possible and Good Ole Fumblemort'll do absolutely nothing about it! But will he feel the same if or when she retaliates and destroys him?
7/1/2022 c1 Bronze
With a daughter that powerful, you just know Good Ole Fumblemort WILL meddle with her future. And if her brother is a powerful mage as well, rinse and repeat! He'll very likely once again use Snape to sic Vulturewurst on the Potter family using an absolutely horribly worded so-called Prophecy! In this story though, he'll be hoping for four kills that night.
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