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8/10 c49 Xenozip
My favorite version of scooby doo would probably be What's New Scooby Doo, it had a modern look, but kept the fun of the old series, and you could watch pretty much any episode out of order, second place would be Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated, it wasn't as episodic and actually had an overarching plot, and even serious relationship drama, it was a very interesting show, but you couldn't just start in the middle without being confused.
8/10 c49 4Monster King
8/2 c48 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
Super cool.
8/2 c42 Ether02
I'm pretty damn sure there ain't any males in the Rachnoid species
8/2 c41 Ether02
This sorry excuse for a human is lucky that this world dose not have a connection to the Warp or I would have gotten my fangs into him the moment he bit the dust...
8/2 c40 Ether02
Most toned down yay for getting some tail I've ever heard of 'smirk'.
8/2 c39 Ether02
The wizards don't really have access to that many powerful magics besides the unforgivables. But if you are skilled enough then runes are a force of nature
8/2 c35 Ether02
I someone reads the Outsider Chronicles
8/1 c48 Monster King
7/30 c47 1TheLastBattalion
I'm thinking of all of the funny things that will happen with the three demi-gods, Karna, Entoma, and Xenophillius, and I am interested to see how both Ophis and Big Red react when they learn that, so far, Blake and Rouge are friends.
7/29 c47 osterreicher97
7/29 c46 1tsun
Okay story. Yuri gallore.
7/27 c46 UndeadHatter
Why can I picture Rouge being a female Natsu Dragneel?
7/27 c46 4Monster King
7/23 c45 Kurosu Cross
You know ... i think Charlie haven't talk about their twin situation with Blake yet
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