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4/10 c5 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
I actually looked up the word neglectable. It does show up in the Oxford dictionary but I figure it would be better to actually write out "not worth mentioning" because no one actually uses that word very often so it is super confusing to those who read this
4/6 c5 dylansandy1993
one "correction" you used the word neglectable when I believe you had meant to say negligible.

namely because the first isn't a "proper" English word (I think). And second, comparing power levels isn't an act of negligence.
As far as I am aware.

I find the story in general however very fun so far!
4/5 c39 LMaltez
It's always both joyful and rather sad when a new chapter is released as they tend to be rather short and rather random.
Well, that was a funny ending. :D
4/5 c39 shypunk
LOL that ending LOL
4/5 c15 S1m0nWr1t3
was it Gojo?
4/5 c39 4Monster King
4/3 c38 osterreicher97
4/2 c38 Monster King
3/30 c5 PikaMew1288
I'm surprised that Ophis never thought to warn her Daughter about Samael.
3/27 c37 osterreicher97
3/26 c37 Blueleader2010
You may want to look at chapter it is in the html code not the chapter its self
3/24 c36 osterreicher97
3/24 c36 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
I know most of the people in that hall dropped a load. The promptly creamed themselves. Not a very attractive combination. LOL XD
3/24 c36 4Monster King
3/22 c33 AnimeA55Kicker
I mean they're only 14 but whatever
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