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10/20/2020 c3 EmAshEs195
Also luffy never presented zoro as his first mate , he would always refers him as his swordman. The strawhats has no hierarchy. Except for luffy being the captain, all others strawhats are referred as their job. Swordman, cook , navigator , shipwright , doctor , archaeologist , musician , sniper.
10/20/2020 c2 EmAshEs195
Nice story so far but one point that irks me is that contrary to what some people think , zoro is at times as reckless as luffy and also tends to be in trouble. The prime example is at sabaody , if Bonney wouldn't intervene zoro would have killed a celestial . So the whole discussion with Mola in the first chapter just didn't seem right to me because for me zoro wouldn't shut up luffy like that or try to go under the radar. Nami, usopp or robin would though as they are the careful type. Sanji would at some times , but if women are involved he would get as reckless as luffy and zoro.
10/19/2020 c3 4King of Fans
Good character

With those rules why do I imagine some other members of the crew could pull it off at the time arises, like Chopper.

Why don’t it surprise me Luffy pulled that seal of just to see a cool vampire.
In fact I like to imagine both Moka’s we’re surprise for a few seconds when he pulled the cross off so out of the blue.

You know everyone has been asking the same question about the monster trio for quite a while now, and we still have no idea what the specific type of monster the trio are.

That’s the deal with Luffy I cannot see race. When he looks at people all he sees our people with out the tags that race applies to them. Luffy can see The problems racism makes, and see The cool aspects of a species, but that’s about it. Meaning Luffy can see the good or bad in people regardless of where they’re from, and how they look like. All he sees are the positives when they first meet, the negatives comes up with their interactions.

Yeah taking Zoro’s swords is a bad idea. Unless he absolutely has to, zoro Will chase down his words to the ends of the earth and hold onto his with his dying breath. That’s not even counting in the fact if any of the students or teachers decides to pull out the curse sword during that month blood will be spilt.

Yay that guy can get away with A lot, but The moment he threatens or hurts Luffy’s, friends, crew, or family he’s asking for decoration of war.

Lastly why do I have the feeling Moka next chapter it’s going to ask Luffy some questions as no human under normal circumstances can take them a monster in one punch, or straits their limbs.
10/18/2020 c3 29King of Stories
Saizou is just a perverted molest guy as he is but Luffy gets kicked his bed as usually like he always does to his enemies.

Zoro is right, if Sanji find out that Zoro and Luffy left Moka in the hands of guy like Saizou to be molested, Sanji would be furious.

Moka forgives them, that's great!

Anyway, Great chapter! I look forward to chapter 4.
9/25/2020 c1 King of Stories
like ants to sugar water(I'm referring to similar Moka's reaction towards human bloode due to her vampire nature)just saying.

Outer Moka is cute and Zoro's words towards her about actions of a person, he's quite right, he's wise in some way despite his bad sense of direction.

Luffy has a way with words, then again he's straight forward(I remember Rayleigh mentioned that when he found him on Amazon Lily after the war at Marineford).

I can't wait to see more future chapters!
8/31/2020 c2 King of Stories
Tsukune was weak but he does get stronger in the manga and anime series of Rosario Vampire and he is a good person to Moka(including to her inner self)though I'm sure you know that.

Luffy is oblivous to romance though Zoro might get the idea despite the he has a bad sense of direction, but he's not as dumb as Luffy is.

anyway, good chapter.
8/25/2020 c2 4King of Fans
Good character

I understand the IRL stuff.

Yay I am the same way about that character. Eight times out of ten The lead of a harem seared is extreme bland, and having a bland main character is never a good idea.

The cat might have to be careful with that cursed sword. Because if anyone try’s too uses it or keep it away from zoro for too long they are like to get cut.

Well we can officially start the countdown of until Saizou gets completely wrecked by a rubber man.

Lastly would Luffy be super exited to be surrounded by monsters?
5/24/2020 c1 King of Fans
Good character

First off I agree with you in the fact that OC in crossovers are not normally a good thing. Crossovers in my opinion are at their strongest when the characters, power, locations, and/or story mix. As seeing certain characters meet or experience certain situations are The best part of a crossover, and OC can make it a little difficult too do all four of those things. However, I can say there are a handful exceptions to this rule, and small OC can use for great fact to help even out both sides or help expand the world if needed.

Classic one piece and Rosa maiden humor right here. Which shows you have a decent understanding of both anime.

Why do I have the feeling Zoro and luffy will have no trouble fitting in. Because they are both super strong, Luffy is a rubber man, and zoro has a cursed sword
Although, I can see right now chopper and brook Will have zero difficulty blending in.

I wouldn’t mind if you don’t add in Tsukune. As he is far too generic for my tast. As he is a lot like your average anime harm protagonist, but OP power come in a little later then normal.

Here’s are some of my ideas if you like to use them:
1.) every devil fruit user on the crew would be able to sympathize with moka and any vampire when it comes to water weakness. Although, in different ways. As vampire experience pain when exposed to water, wall devil fruit user lose their strength when in water.
2.)Luffy have starry eyes Port each new monster he sees.
3.) Luffy and Zoro shocking everyone that they can take down 90% of the monsters in the school with Little problem. The 10% are for some of the strongest monsters or once with weird abilities.
4.) Luffy eating all food in school, and quickly becoming the cafeteria staff‘s worst nightmare.
5.) Luffy having some stars in his eyes for every new monster he meets, and is not bothered, or scared of the species.
6.) The succubus having zero effect on Luffy. Because let’s face it if the hottest woman in the world has zero effect on Luffy then any sexual power will have little effect.
7.)Nami eventually getting a Nice chunk of the RV hero’s in debt.
8.)Ussop being scared out of his mind, and attempts to prepare for any monster he come across by having their weaknesses prepared before hand, coming up with lies of him being A really powerful demon, and/or just running a way.
9.)Sanji flirting with every girl in school and kicking every boy who tries to abuse them.
10.) Moka drinking some of Sanji’s nosebleed once. Because considering how many hot girls there are at the school and the (anime) undergarment shots there’s going to be way too much blood for her to resist.
11.) Sanji willingly giving a female vampire some of his blood. Do to his cook and female loving views, and personality.
12.)Moka commenting that Sanji’s blood taste exotic/ difference compared to most humans. Do to his rare blood type, and origins.
13.)Chopper finding himself in Curtal Central. Because let’s face it he’s too cute for every girl to resist not using him like a stuffed animal at least one time.
14.) Sanji getting angry that Luffy, zoro, and/or tsukune having amazing luck with the girl their.
15.) Robin being super interested in the history the RV world.
16.)Moka attempting to suck Franky’s super blood, only to either get a mouth full of metal, or cola.
17.)Brook running away screaming from every monster he comes across. leading most of the monsters to believe he is weak, but only to realize later the Skelton could probably take down your average student in less than a seconds.
18.)Brook briefly considering yoki academia the best place ever thanks to all the woman’s underwear he sees their.
5/19/2020 c1 Vercingetorix Rex
I hope just than Luffy and Zoro aren't replacing Tsukune.
5/14/2020 c1 Blood Spider
Zoro and Luffy are more than capable of beating Saizou and any to her monster by themselves their is no need for inner Moka

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