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10/22 c6 sspaulina
u know u got some pionts about sho
10/22 c7 sspaulina
dam this I'd getting good
10/22 c5 sspaulina
Well this was very I interesting too
10/22 c4 sspaulina
yeling macth wohoo
10/22 c3 sspaulina
Well this wild scene literally what! Well done!
5/26 c3 7NatsuxLucy4ever
Okie wow... that was chaotic but like, in a really interesting sense o.O
3/29 c16 5artloife
This was absolutely fantastic. I'm afraid I blew through this since I found it at 2am this morning and completely forgot to review any other was truly a delight though. Definitely one excellent fic that I'm going to be revisiting. I really enjoyed how you developed Kyoko and Ren, as I think these versions of them are finally content to just be themselves. :D Thanks for taking the time to write this!
1/2 c16 kuonhizuri16
I hope we can have a little bit of kuon and kyoko and their lives with their new baby. was a very interesting story
10/16/2021 c16 CryssyWhite09
wish there had been more but damn I love it it took me 1.5 days to read. ur awesome keep up the great writing and stories
9/26/2021 c16 dappledsunbeams
Thank you for this lovely gem. I had a book hangover from finishing another series and came back to peruse SkipBeat! fanfic to feel better and was delighted by this new find. A delicious and long and fabulous read!
9/19/2021 c16 2Tmbookworm
I loved everything about this I legit stayed up until 9am reading this all night before I caved and got a few hours sleep and then finished the last 2 chapters
9/17/2021 c2 1Chavala03
So much fuuuuuun. “Koun-after-that-crazy-party-in-the-Hills-he-could-never-EVER-tell-his-parents-about face” damn, I wanna see THAT.
9/9/2021 c8 1Yuki Kira Phantomhive
Oh my god! So good! And a part in violet evergarden
I’m so happy
8/7/2021 c16 7era-romance
glad u completed it. great story even if it does have a few big timeskips tgat made the end feel a little rushed. will definitely read again
8/7/2021 c7 era-romance
grinch reference? I like it!
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