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8/1 c12 Huagh
Nice to see Ritsuko back in the mix. Ngl, I thought at first it would be just a coincidence, but nice to see it really is her. Though why she is older than she is suppose to be at this time period in this universe is interesting to say the least.
7/27 c12 5JaceSterne
Yet another lovely chapter, but mildly more "importantly", it's great to see Rits again. Even better to have the certainty that it is Rits and not "just someone who looks like her with a coincidentally same name". If nothing else, I really hope she'll help Shinji to realize exactly how royally ****** up his home dimension was. For an intelligent (Ph.D. at 21? Impressive!), semi-maternal woman (and yes, I am trying to imply that I think THIS Rits would have an easier time understanding the three aspects of her mother in the MAGI) like this to turn into the cold, calculating individual he knew... something must have quite seriously messed up her world views. It only Shinji can see that...
7/26 c12 Guest
So Naoko investigated the S2 engine... Interesting, will we meet Misato's dad soon? As always great chapter, stay safe and good luck. Also can't believe it took me so long to get the persona reference.
7/24 c11 1DJexe
I should have kept my mouth shut. It feels like everyone is taking alternating gut punches and kidney shots back to back. I already have a bad feeling with that information those teachers were talking about. Is it weird that I want more moments of interaction between Shinji and the cats. The moment with Luna and Shinji in the bathroom was endearing in a way. With this latest chapter, I can definitely say I'm really fond of Maria. I can only wonder what she'd have in mind to lift Shinji up in some way. It's only a matter of time until we stuff dedicated to Rei and Shinji and hopefully that'll be a nice breather. I have no opinions about the outer senshi, so I hope I'll be surprised by what I read.
7/24 c11 3Timingchameleon
Wow, that... answered a lot more than I was expecting... A lot to take in here. Its clear to me now that this is a different timeline than usual.

The collar is interesting, so his mental state seems to affect his visual appearance to a degree. Wonder if hell be able to get rid of it before the others see.

So sempai... Nightmare or memory, both?

That 'noncommittal shrug', oof. That's a stab, if ami lets that slip by accident to Shinji... I doubt this war of hearts is done, however, I don't see her quitting on him. Although she may have added fuel to Ami's inner desires. Minako already saw this coming, she said she'd fight fair, but I expect her to take every advantage, especially if she sees the others hesitating.

However, Minako needs to be given some credit. Thursday was suppose to be her day. I have no doubt she will have her priorities straight for her friends. She seems the most stable beside Ami, having no Sempai-like baggage. The worse seems to be she is like an Asuka, which can be triggering for Shinji.

So they hear his thoughts when they utilize some form of healing? Do Venus and Jupiter have "Healing spells"?
Technically its just those two now that aren't mentally linked, and they may need to if they cant get their tech to work. May not be pretty.

Saw you went a little exorcist there... was that.. Iruel?

Escalation, oh boy. Ramiel will not be a good day for anyone involved. Escalation however, must also why new Sailors will be found, to try to match the incoming threat.

Gaghiel however I am excited for. I see some sort of flood situation, though to be honest the Idea of a shark like alien floating in the air like its the ocean is also terrifying.

Quick clarification, Unit 01 can growl and has roared. He has been enraged by Rei Hino's Magic. Has his mouth restraints broke? have they seen "its" teeth? So far we have seen Shinji himself enraged, but have we seen "The beast"?

Maria, dammit. I saw the resemblance, but I dismissed it as just looking similar. But she is her sister, so shes from That universe techically? Does that mean the multiverse was ever-growing, even after its death? Or are we breaking dimensional barriers entirely.

Aside from that, She seems exceptionally good at keeping Shinji calm. I imagine she will ignite plenty of jealousy from the Sailors.

Too many questions rolling around in my head tokeep it straight, but you'll add as many questions as answers in the next chapter. I am excited for each one.
7/23 c11 xXCARL1992Xx
dang it, wanted to write the review under me on my account but forgot to log in, well its done but this story is still a great read, i always look forward to a new chapter
7/23 c11 Guest
i thought it was an alternate universe first, because Maria acted like Lilith, but this chapter sways me to say it is a parallel timeline that exists besides YA(N)C because she is talking about Lilith as her sister and The Wanderer, so she has some sort of knowledge about what is happening in Lilith world
7/20 c10 1DJexe
Nice to see a chapter dedicated to Ami and her mother. It was a nice change of pace. Shinji will have stop making these assumptions so many times to avoid these misunderstandings. Then again, I can't really blame him too much due to bow he grew up. I'm a little put off by how Usagi is trying to send him back and acting as his guardian in some way. Hopefully things become hopeful to an extent. Take care.
7/19 c11 Huagh
Great chapter! Once again, I have to say that Maria is already growing to be one of my favorite characters you have created. And even tho she isn't Lilith, like some other reader theorized, she is related to Lilith in a way. And it seems this is taking place in another universe separate from YA(N)C? If so thats awesome!

On an unrelated note, I want to hear you're thoughts on the brand new EVA character Kotone Suzunami.
7/19 c11 BloodStasis
Sooo, would this be taking place at the same time as YA(N)C?
And nice work
7/19 c11 Guest
So, does Maria write poetry?
7/19 c11 Guest
Fantastic chapter and is it just me or is this some how connected to YA(N)C or an alternate universe of it but still great chapter cant wait to see more interaction between maria and shinji
7/19 c11 Guest
Nami? As in the goddess Izanami? Shinji has the weirdest luck if so. Still glad to see mommy Lilith taking care of her children in various dimensions. Great chapter and hope everything goes well for you.
7/16 c10 Allen022
Great chapter. question though are you planing on adding the other sailor senshis? i really would like to see how shinji's interaction with michiru and haru will be if you plan on adding the others. please continue making this great story and stay safe
7/15 c10 Huagh
More Ami is always good
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