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21h c42 Ghost Man
Fair is Fair indeed.

Minako and Rei like cute things. So do I!
Huh...Minako, these aren't normal "zombies." I mean reality sort of destroys any fiction-based rules.
Hera lost so eaily? Shame. or not. I'm torn.

Sheesh. Hera, even in undeath, you're a bit over the top, eh?
Sheesh...like...dang. I'm sorry in a way. Though I'm not sure. I'm torn on how good or bad she really was. Misguided maybe?

Oh no. Minako. No. Bad!
Oh boy...Haruka don't get too jelly.

Oh crap. Shinji...no. That's not a good statement.

Otherwise, this is going to be intense. Big. Huge. Astronomical! Global! Not in that order.
Atlas reference, huh?
He's going to need a lot of food and water after this.
Aww. Minako gaves her apology. That was adorable really.

Over 100 portals. Holy moly!
Poor 13
Holy moly what an effort! This is working!
Rei...best girl.

Shinji is going to hear it from Rei for dropping into a war zone without her.
I very much hate that woman you know. Oh so very much.
God that at least wasn't a failure.

Must have been that Rocket Propelled Ordinance...temporary ringing. He'll heal in a bit.
Figured...he ate. He healed.
Shinji has a fan. Heheh.
Minako also has a chance to get into his good graces and hopefully learn a thing or two.
5/10 c42 Guest
Sweet mother of crossovers. This is amazing. Poor Hera though.
5/4 c41 Ghost Man
A really calorie-dense meal $25
Romantic Dinner Candles $5
Imagining the look on Shinji's face during this conversation...priceless.

I swear the Wanderer is looking down and shaking his head in understanding just how Shinji's life is formulating.
Shinji might be...debating at the moment, but dammit he's still the awesome Shinji.
And now I want to know what Naoko just spoke again...wth?

Did Usagi just consent?
Not only did she consent, but she gave the General some guidance as to approach this delimma. Most intriguing.
Huh...didn't know about that historical context. I've been using it wrong...a lot.
Kyoko is right. Even the Wanderer understood and gave everyone an out should they become disatisfied with their lives. Those who did leave wouldn't be without love. It's just...how he is.
...wait...wait what? I mean is she angry she didn't get her needs or angry that she couldn't mold his beliefs of specific social forms?
Is Kyouko someone to be feared here?

That word...like a certain alien word previously used...does it mean what you think it means? Heh.
...you know some people would enjoy what Yukiko did there to silence him.
Usagi's going to make sure Yukiko "rides herd" ...pronounciation or typo?
Aww. Poor Shinji. Yukiko is best shoulder partner.

Providence indeed. So this is the plan the Goddess of Love (Mina) has in mind. Very well played, Minako.

Think. Hear. Feel. The same words spoken by Hydaelyn in FFXIV.
So who are you then? Hmmm...another mystery. Unless she is Hope or Pandora.

Jeeze, Naoko. Can you not be morbid? Though, I found that little bit quite hilarious being of that frame of mind myself.
Now I'm hungry. I love veggies. People odn't appreciate them in this culture, I swear.
Down Shinji. Relax. It's okay.
Well played Rei. You did good. You just opened a door.

Motoko, your respect from me is 1. Well done, lady. You're a hell of a warrior yet.
5/4 c40 Ghost Man
You make me blush, Bard!

Motoko, be nice. Shinobu means no harm.
Oh I see. That was her intent.
*sighs* Dammit Motoko...so close.
Oh I see...she just saved a lot of face. Interesting lot there.
Damn I just went through some whiplash there. I kinda get it.

Oh boy. Society is going to have some fun in this surviving world. Gotta keep the peace.
I would go crazy with word games, but the General here is quite adept, is she not?
Rei, still, what's the plan? I wish I knew...and what that call is about.

Oooh. An interesting conversation between the General and the Titan, especially when it answers so many questions.
Honestly I wish I could describe women like that. I would imagine such a string of adjectives would cause any person to blush.
I wonder. The question about sharing. Part of a conversation unspoken with Rei about the "call?"
Kissy face later? Awww. Blast it, Yukiko-mama.
I'm still trying to come to grips with what else is in him.
Hey I'm not that daft...oh wait you meant him.
Kyouko you damn chess player...well played.

Mizore, when are you going to actually voice your feelings?
Yukiko...what more do you hide out of necessity? What lies in Shinji which would be very well their end?
4/28 c40 James Birdsong
Good update
4/28 c40 Guest
This is good stuff. Naoko is fiddling with fire while doused in gasoline inside a room filled with black powder. Wonder how long until the silent one punches the oncoming trains?
4/21 c39 James Birdsong
Good chapters
4/21 c39 4GunMetalSnail429
This isn't really a review, more of a statement.

I love how you've managed to meld together multiple universes (at least 6 by my count) and have their connections make perfect sense. If you had told me in chapter 1 that by chapter 39 Shinji would have made contact with (and wooed) women from Love Hina, Rosario Vampire, Sailor Moon, literal Greek Gods and Goddesses as well as more that I'm probably missing due to not getting the references.

You have managed to take the idea of a harem and make it about as unappealing (at least to the protagonist) as it can be. You have taken a genre rife with cliches and silly tropes and beaten them against a rock until they're nothing but a chunky paste.

I don't usually care for tragedies, especially in fanfics (I come here for WAFFY nonsense, usually...) but this story is too damn fun to put down.

Well, fun may be a relative term, but I digress.

Keep up the fantastic work. I greatly look forward to the email notifying me of a new chapter.
4/21 c39 Guest
Sorry to hear that. Hope things get better for you. Now this chapter was good. Relationships between gods, immortals and eldritch monsters are always spicy and interesting. Still Lithion is being suspicious, what is his path? And where is Shinji walking towards?
4/21 c39 Ghost Man
Welcome back, Bard. Hope everything is going well in your life based on our discussions.

Passing out after something like that? Well you were a stressed potato, Shinji.
Yukiko...secretary of the year.
Naoko...best physician? Best bedside manner for sure!
Yukiko...did you just flirt a little? No...compliments are not flirts.
Hmm...Usagi knows their idea?

Sheesh, Maria, is Usagi really so bad? Everyone else doesn't think so.

Naoko is...very open. I appreciate that. I mean, at least she's honest about her interests.
Naoko diverted the conversation! She didn't answer the question yet! What "can" she become?
Damn, I really like Naoko, even if she isn't fully human. I can ship it.

Hera needs some patience, but she's about to get Yukiko.
Yeah I wouldn't want to kill Kyouko. No urge there. She's great!
The Majina did have a point...it would be VERY hard for me to let go. Very hard indeed.
Bwahashahaha! Kyouko threatening HIM of all people for that reason. Oh that's beautiful. The Australians would call her a "keeper."
Well played, Shinji. You're doing a good job.

So is Shinji capable of speaking wherever he wants now? Did he really define himself somehow? Is he no longer restricted to speech? Just making sure.

He thinks he loves her. Well it's not hard to do.

You better be right, Inari.

Those zombies remind me of SCP-001, "When Day Breaks"
Rei, the beautiful, condifent Senshi!
The return of Temple! Huzzah! The return of Miracle Shinji! Huh...I don't know how that alcohol is made.
Timing sucks...you'll get your talk, Temple.
Dude, you're creating stable wormholes. That is not NOTHING...sheesh I could smack you...
I swear I did not read ahead when I wrote that. Thank you, Haruka.

...sick burn, Lithion...sick burn.
Stil, their little conversation tells me Lithion is waiting for something to happen, and Hera wants to push it along...meaning she can't be trusted.
4/21 c39 AirGuitar035
I don't know a thing about Sailor Moon, I've lost track of so many characters, and I don't know what's happening half the time I read this. BUT IT'S SO GOOD. Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/19 c38 Ghost Man
Seriously, Naoko, what are you up to though?
Damn...Naoko really has a situation. What a deal to stay alive. Not the best, really. But isn't not the worst deal.
Credit where due...she accepts her actions.
Haruka...never a dull moment, eh?
Shinji makes a portal. Aperature got nothing on this.
At least Naoko is useful...if that's the word.
Minako, why must you always be irrational.

Usagi at least can be honest with herself finally. I wonder if she's rethought the moon thing. I still think the science is flawed.
There's all sorts of love. I think even romantic love has a range.
I think we always sort of make it up. No one time is like the other. I mean it is, but it's always different.
A succubus. An ice woman. A tomboy girl-next door. A little embodiment of the universe. A literal goddess. I mean...it's not out of place really.
Funny how Naoko wins both times. Ristuko, not so much. Shame that.

Oh boy. Minako, what are you plotting now? Hopefully it's not a bad idea.
4/15 c38 Guest
Oh my, Naoko is going to suffer. Still good to see Shinji be happy for once. Or get close to happiness. Lilithsagi... I hope she doesn't tell him that it's an alternate version of himself that holds a good chunk of reality under his tyranny of free will. The wanderer has no chill left after all the crap he went through and the silent one is quickly approaching the same point. Great chapter.
4/12 c37 Ghost Man
Yukiko...gotta get used to that name. Good name though given how I picture the small lady.

I wonder how quickly we as a species would adapt to such situations quickly. Just imagine. Youkai and super powers?

Leave it top Usagi to make the choice for him. I hope she doesn't get herself killed by mistake.
Minako has a way of things I'll tell you. Sheesh lady...personal space. Hahaha!
Hehehe. The elder Mujina has an eye for detail indeed. Quite funny too. Yukiko agrees.
Loquacious...tending to talk a great deal. That's me in a nutshell. Definitely Loquacious.
Rei and Shinji. If anything, good war buddies, huh? That's pretty awesome by itself.

Leliel wasn't the third angel. That was Sachiel, right? Leliel was the Dirac Sea angel? Oh I see! I was confused by the events. Shinji stopped an attack from the Angel by opening the portal. Now we face the third.
Who was the Angel Shinji faced when he first met the trio of sailors?
Oh! It's likely the actual...the big one! I see. Two Thirds huh? That's a delimma.

Shinji and 01...separate beings. We're actually seeing this in real time. Rei and Minako don't recognise this. Yukiko does.
To be fair, 01, even I don't fully get Haruka and Michiru. They're always a conundrum.
Oh crap...Shinji/01!

LOL. General, if only you bore witness to what Tokyo-3 had accomplished.

Oh good. He's not dead.
Shame these Angels don't have the same abilities as Wanders's...maybe by his design actually.
Holy crap...he spoke O,O
When I see a man begin to rhyme, I pay attention to his time. His measured beat, I do observe; though after time, it's on my nerve...What the flying...

Ask sweet Dryad.
Seto, you adorable fool, what are you looking for?

I didn't know I needed Sarah's mannerisms until I read them. She's so much fun!
Also yes...he emptied the water. Shinji was a good boy.
Minako...funny thing is Sarah has permission to ensure Shinji is doing appropriate tasks to maintain his person.
...Damn Sarah. Damn.

Well played Rei. That was a good question to ask. Very good answer too.
Minako...sheesh...Love you girl, but come on!
*blinks* Well played, Sarah. Beautiful answer.
Good clarification, Haruka.
Rei gave a good summary...and Sarah approves. Lol!
O,O Damn Sarah. Well talk about claiming without claiming.
People complicate things because they don't talk...that's also what Sarah is saying.
Oh yeah...I forgot that part. Thank you Haruka.

...she won't lie to him...but she won't tell him everything he might need to know.
Huh. So that's all the talk about words. That makes sense.
Shinji gets angry...holy moly why is that so unnerving?
...Haruka I just love you. That was awesome as always

Dammit...when he was FINALLY coming down. FINALLY relaxing and emoting.
Hmm...Interesting. We know Unit01 and Shinji are indeed still two, but now Naoko comes and pledges herself to prevent Unit01 from being in control?
Thanks for leaving me wanting more as always. Hehehehe. You clevel bugger.
4/12 c37 Guest
Shinji literally removes his armor for a moment and Naoko strikes. This is amazing.
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