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5/27 c6 2Doomeater
I've been reading this story and I'm loving every second of it; I can not wait to see what happens next!
5/24 c6 AresianEuropa
It's rare you get to see something like a pre-WW2 GATE fanfics, and this one's pretty good so far from what I've been reading. Anyways, from what I've been reading and as the reviewers said as well, it seems your chapter here has some technical problems with the HTML formatting and coding.

Now I'd really would like to see who would actually win in a fight between Falmart and Earth not too long ago - magic vs technology all-in-one. Maybe this would propel the Earthians to invent things earlier than they should in OTL, not just AA guns but also aircraft and the like stuff. And oh, do you think the Falmartians from there could try reverse-engineer and copy the advancements we had from the Renaissance and even the Industrial Revolution? This would be an interesting topic to tackle on especially on the later parts of the story, perhaps in exchange of the "magical" stuff that Falmart has that can be used by the Earthians and such.

Looks like the Brits are about to have another India or China (depending on how the Falmartians present themselves) on their hands , just with more catgirls, lizardpeople, and whatever fantasy beast races they can find there.

P.S. Can't wait for the next chapters and the story's progress with it!
5/16 c6 Koolaidman
tell me...

will the Spanish,Dutch,Portuguese and the Russians will have a role aswell in this story? since you mentioned that the germans and french would have a role a BIGGER role in this story
4/14 c6 MrLek2001
This is getting intense. Keep up the good work man.
4/8 c6 joeyginise
Third of fourth paragraph looks like code.
2/11 c6 Guest
Would Britain attempt to move the Gate to London for better security?
If i found a building that lead to a world I can easily abuse or suck the land's resources like no tomorrow, I would make it closr to my capital or somewhere in my mainland for the best security, and since Britain still has the largest and strongest navies, I think that Britain can mive the Gate onto a ship and have it secured by the Royal Navy and stop at London, and once they are in thr capital, all thry have to do is keep the capital secured at all costs, encouraging Britain to strengthen it's military and hold in it's colonies

I would love to see this happen, not when thr others know of it's existence though, so the British can actually move the gate to London while with a lsrge navy because when you're the biggest empire and sending a large navy to your capital, it shouldn't surprise anyone, unless you had something of great interest
2/10 c6 ZedLol
friend your story is very good I hope you keep uploading more chapters
2/9 c3 Kalstorm99
very interesting.
2/7 c6 ATP
Another idea for wyverns - hire hunters with elephants which could kill
elephant would kill wywern,too.
Unfortunatelly - it would not work on Fire -ballon guns would not work,too.
2/7 c6 Onion of the Soviets
What happened to the dragon maid? Did she escape?
btw, there are also weird stuff going on the paragraphs, like some random code or something. Other than that, amazing chapter.
2/4 c4 Guest
Bravo! A most impressive display of marksmanship sir!
2/3 c1 Apisorn
Who would win?
-An empire that can't even sail to other continent in their own world.
-An empire that can sail and conquer every land on earth.
2/5 c6 AyeJimmy123
2/3 c4 HMS Hood
This story actually makes me hate Mudra more than the original story.
"dAnGer? fROm tHosE BarBaRiaNs? PlEaSe, tHeY dIDn'T eVeN WeAR ArMOuR".
I hope he gets captured in the next battle then show him why wearing armour now is useless. Maybe shoot an armour with the Martini-Henry. And if he would just deny it saying
"aRmoUR oP onLy BaRbaRic aRmY doN'T USe ThEM!1111" I hope they would just put him in his full armour and shoot him through it.
2/3 c6 3Dragonheart51
Don't forget this is the British Empire we're talking about. They've got the biggest bodycount in all history and they'll do the same to the Saderans. Remember how they herded the Boers into concentration camps? They'll do even worse to the poor bastards on the other side of the Gate.
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