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for Mal├ędiction du Loupgarou

4/22 c1 Zhyden
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3/25 c10 597Ghostwriter
I love it. Well done. What a story!
7/9/2020 c10 10HonestBee
Love the outcome of the bet, and how the act of purchasing a gift instead of stealing it makes it even more special.

I also really liked the character of Cleo even though he wasn't central to the story, and the little sleight of hand Parker and Eliot pulled on the little girl to get Sparky back. Absolutely adorable!

I wonder if we'll get to revisit New Orleans sometime down the road?

Great job on this story and I can't wait until your next one!
7/9/2020 c9 HonestBee
I love, love, LOVE what you did with Sparky! And all of the reactions and meanings surrounding it were so sweet, I'm glad it helped out in your story.

Also loved Ms Teo and her crossbow! I figured she'd have some pretty bad-ass secrets, but that came as a real surprise! (Now I really want to know her back story with Eliot!) And I hope the young miss Teo can work through her shock okay.

Is the poor family out of the woods yet? They deserve some peace!
7/8/2020 c8 HonestBee
"Let me know if I've got a tail." "You havin' trouble keepin' one shape?" GOLD!

I like that Eliot talked things over with his pack and warned them about how things could go. And I think you got the reactions down well. Hardsion is still innocent at times, despite all they've been through, and he's got a good heart, so it would definitely take him a little while to process something that seems so barbaric to him as werewolf justice. Parker just compartmentalizes better than him.

Ice cream DOES fix everything, though!
7/6/2020 c7 HonestBee
Such great details in the team interactions: teasing Eliot about the wolfsbane and Zoe, Eliot having to remind Parker not to case the grocery store, it's all so perfect. I think you also hit an important detail when Eliot defers to Parker about his plans for talking to Reese - he wants to make sure his plans won't clash with hers, as mastermind. For such a small scene, it shows a great deal of respect for his team/pack mates, and their particular hierarchy.
7/6/2020 c6 HonestBee
Well best laid plans aside, I finally got to start in on your new chapters!

First of all, lovely scene with poor, injured Eliot. I like how he's getting a little bit better at letting his guard down around the others and his talk with Parker about the stitches and all. Very sweet how she and Hardison watched over him while he rested.

And now there's a new twist to the case, can't wait for the "werewolf business" to go down!
6/22/2020 c5 HonestBee
This chapter was all kinds of awesome! Loved Eliot getting to play that little prank and enjoying it, and Hardison nailing the grift! Loved when he tried to be mad at Parker calling him a "wolfy."

And absolutely adored Parker's care of Eliot in the van. I would guess injuries from a werewolf would be pretty bad, even for another werewolf. She was wonderfully straighforward and compassionate at the same time. Can't wait for the next chapter, and to see how they keep this family safe!
6/7/2020 c4 HonestBee
I am still loving your team banter, and Parker is doing an excellent job mastermind-ing. You've kept her in that wonderful balance from the show: sometimes childlike, sometimes unsure, but more than able to rise to the occasion when things get serious. She did very well not stabbing the drug-dealing creep, though I'm glad to see Eliot was willing to do it for her. Can't wait to see what door prize Hardison has in store for the other creep!
6/5/2020 c3 HonestBee
Oh how I love Parker saying "wolfy". To me, it shows that she's accepting everything as normal, and is perfectly chill with it. I also loved the moment between Eliot and Hardison when Hardison was trying to get Eliot to understand that they accept him and don't think of him as a monster.

And your world is still so wonderfully fleshed out. I was also worried about Reese's questions and his interest in Eliot's pack. I'm still not entirely sure about him or his possible motives in asking.

Ms Teo and her granddaughter are perfectly adorable.
5/26/2020 c2 HonestBee
Okay, firstly...I really enjoy the politics and customs of werewolf packs that you're building here. It's becoming a very fleshed-out world.

Secondly, I LOVE the team interactions. They're wonderfully characterized, and the details of how they manage to annoy Eliot, deliberately and accidentally, are just too perfect. I also really love how you've captured both of Parker's extremes - childlike and Mastermind. Her character on the show had so much depth: she wasn't just some crazy, reckless character. And Eliot's fondness for them melts my heart.

I also like the time you've taken with details of the setting. I don't know if I'll ever see New Orleans, but I'd like to. I must say I can not stand humidity, though! I live in a dry state.

Keep up the great work!
5/25/2020 c2 WolfhoundLove1
Good Starr! Can't wait for the rest. Thanks a bunch.
5/17/2020 c1 HonestBee
Great start! I'm already loving the setup, and the banter between these three is always fun.

So I'm guessing Hardison's dollar bill thing and Parker's checkmark thing are some sort of accounting of when Eliot says or does something? It reminds me of the little book Sophie kept in The Office Job where she marked down any time Nate disagreed with or undermined her. Can't wait to see where this goes!

I love that Hardison hires people who need a little extra help, those that might not get a chance elsewhere. I've actually kind of considered something similar in my headcannon to use in future stories. It seems very likely they'd all agree to do something like that.

And the two of them poking fun at Eliot having a new girlfriend is just the icing on the cake!

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