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for Innocence Lost

9/10 c17 1JustAReader248
Oh wow please update this is amazing
9/10 c16 JustAReader248
I love that Paul gets to be thebest friend it's always Jake and he's way too immature
9/10 c15 JustAReader248
I can just imagine Emmett in a lego store
9/10 c14 JustAReader248
Oh my gawd i love this so much
8/17 c17 Dragonborn1234
this was a very good chapter keep doing good work
8/17 c17 jadecatship
I’ve loved this story so much I don’t see many f/f where stories where Bella is being claimed but they’re my fav!
7/29 c1 Guest
So, where are you?
7/23 c17 mvrabie36
Great chapter! thank you for updating and pleaseeeee don't give up on it. Can't wait for the next. Cheers;)
7/21 c17 LunaM303
for his sake I have a flamethrower that needs testing
7/21 c17 DeathCrawler
nice chapter look forward the next one's
7/21 c17 1catgrl
Aww glad Rosalie is on speaking terms at least with Carlisle and Esme. Paul calling to let Rose know Edward has been around was good. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
7/21 c17 Corr5092
can't wait for rose to rip him apart
7/12 c16 Avid reader
I am someone who cannot live or be who I am your story is one of a few stories help fix that, I love yours please continue. Thank you
6/23 c16 Guest
Please update this story is amazing you are an amazing writer
6/2 c16 1Dirt Rider 712
I am enjoying this. Thank you!

Dirt Rider
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