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for No Child of Mine

9/16/2022 c5 28daughterofrisingsun
Curioust to see what sort of "work" Dr. Brief finds for Raditz to do. And how long will Raditz and Launch be able to stand to keep a distance from each other?

Seems Vegeta is working overtime on beiong in Bulma's good graces even to the point of not being his usual demanding self. Looking forward to the next chapter!
1/9/2022 c4 1Kromatic
God I love Vegeta lmao
10/22/2021 c4 28daughterofrisingsun
Poor Raditz! He so emotional that he can't see that the usually self-absorbed Vegeta was actually trying to help. Great chapter you illustrated the pain both Launch and Raditz are dealing with beautifully. Looking forward to more!
6/4/2021 c3 6MariIvyFenta
this chapter was so bittersweet I almost cried.
8/28/2020 c3 28daughterofrisingsun
Poor Launch! It appears for the moment she has lost BOTH of the men in her life.
Maybe it would be best to postpone this story until you're up for writing it again.
6/8/2020 c2 daughterofrisingsun
Launch certainly has herself in a fix. The "nail lady" is giving hairdressers competition! LOL!
5/19/2020 c1 22JustAPercyJacksonFan1
This was a very interesting first chapter! I would love to see more!
5/17/2020 c1 1CosmicSugar
I like it, always love to see Raditz be give more depth of character.
5/15/2020 c1 28daughterofrisingsun
No doubt Vegeta WOULD find it amusing for Raditz to be mated to a woman carrying child that belonged to another. Will be interesting to see how Raditz handles the situation...

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