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3/2 c1 garibaldiscato
Gary Stu all the way and no tension since everything comes too easy for Harry. This comes across as your attempt to show that you read up on science, but it makes for a dry unrealistic story.
2/28 c2 Bronze
Harry building a spacecraft resembling a UFO was done in a couple of other stories. He even built a house with a garage on the moon. In the end, he took ALL of the Horcruxes to the moon and left them there along with Tom. After a while Tom actually ASKED Harry for some entertainment as he was so bored. Harry set up a DVD player with many, many disks for him. In another he dragged all the Horcruxes behind his saucer and threw them all into the sun. Roasty toasty Tommy boy! So, I can see him building one in this later. I'm rather hopeful that any friendship between him a Ron is extremely short lived. Ron's just not really worth the effort Harry'd have to expend to keep it going. While Nevelle on the other hand would make a much steadier and loyal friend to both Harry as well as Hermione. Nev wants to learn and in turn he could help Harry with his knowledge of the magical world. Not to mention that in most stories Nev grows up to be quite the powerhouse both magically and physically. Hey, just for the hell of it, is Hermione going to punch Draco around third year? Or with Draco be thoroughly a Hufflepuff by then? His father won't like that! Anyhoo, this is great! I'm having a blast reading it.
2/15 c1 7Archangel Change24
And yet again my problem with every one of these type of fics presents itself. “oh i just impossibly traveled back in time lets tell someone immediately about that rather than literally any other excuse!” An eidetic memory would be an easy enough excuse until you actually know you can trust someone! Hell harry doesn’t even know how to obliviate someone! I know you as the writer know you can trust remus but harry doesn’t! For all harry knows Remus would run right to dumbledore with this information!
2/9 c1 Bronze
Maybe now as he's been so thoroughly embarrassed, he'll actually do what he should've in the first place. However, I wouldn't hold my breath. The first time around he never seemed to notice how short and underfed Harry was or he just ignored it. He DID ignore Harry when at the end of first year Harry requested to stay at school all summer break. Just as he ignored Tom Riddle the same request years earlier. The old saying " None so blind as those who will not see " is very adapt in the old frauds' case. HE decided to seal the Potter's Wills unread. HE decided where to place baby Harry. HE decided it was fine to leave a fifteen-month-old baby on a doorstep on a November morning. HE decided that a SQUIB would be able to safely monitor Harry as he grew up in a Muggle household with no ability to tell what went on inside said house. HE convinced the Potters that staying in Britain instead of fleeing was a good idea. HE knew who first betrayed the Potters to Vulturewurst. And seeing as ole Twinkly Eyes reads minds one is forced to ask, did he read the Order Members minds? If so, how did he miss that Peter was a traitor? If he didn't miss it, then why did he allow the Potters to choose Peter as their Secret Keeper? None of these questions has HE ever even tried to answer. With all that in mind one should ask is he truly trustworthy? Harry doesn't seem to sure he is.
2/4 c23 biob1
Having tonks added to the harem would hsve been perfect you even had it set it up I don't know why you didn't go through with it considering she would be the closest to him in mental age. Pretty disappointing but still good work
2/1 c1 biob1
Nice start
1/25 c9 Robert and 43
it's a good fic except I personally don't like all the mothering drama. there's no point to the aunty min and aunty Poppy nonsense IMO, it's just boring fluff and kinda cringe but that's just my opinion
1/25 c7 Robert and 43
he's going to give them a surprise birthday party for himself ? genius hahaha
1/21 c15 moaning-myrtl3
I dont get quite understand why Harry is so persistent on becoming a werewolf when he can have heightened senses and more strength depending on what his animagus is. Or is he wanting to become a werewolf because most of his employees are werewolves?
1/19 c27 sally 0919
This is one of the most amazing stories on this site. The detail and the imagination make it seem so real. I am sorry that you have to apologise for this masterpiece. Thank you for your time.
1/18 c18 1DoHol
About 'Fireworks', gunpowder in 'fireworks' does not need oxygen, as the potassium nitrate is the 'oxidizer' negating the need for oxygen to burn. The only issue would be lighting the 'fireworks', but Harry already has that problem solved with his 'laser'.
Of course, creating an illusion of 'fireworks' is the easier option, as leaving spent 'fireworks' all over the surface of the moon would be considered littering. Then again, a simple "Accio" would solve that too.
That said, I am thoroughly enjoying reading your stories and look forward to the sequel.
1/17 c17 2Silver0Shard
The lack of self-awareness in this fanfic is stunning and brave. Harry doesn’t like having his movements tracked 24/7, but it’s fine to put everyone else under constant surveillance. It seems like only Harry’s privacy matters in the world. Oh, the joys of being a protagonist in a story.

Or how about: Harry is ok with grooming his prepubescent friends for a harem, but it’s absolutely horrible for Neville and Hagrid to have momentary lapses in self-control around girls and women (respectively, because unlike Harry, Hagrid isn’t into children) they like. Funny how everyone in this fanfic thinks that rape warrants castration, but manipulating underage children to have them join one’s harem is something to be admired.

On that note, don’t confuse the two: when Dumbledore manipulates Harry for his own good (as Dumbledore perceives it) — that’s bad. When Harry grooms his friends for a harem (and admits to manipulating them for their own good, as Harry understands it) or when Malfoy Jr. is literally brainwashed for his own good (as Hufflepuffs understand it) — that’s brilliant and righteous. Free will is the protagonist’s prerogative, after all. The extras should just fall in line.

Finally, when Voldemort makes people he doesn’t like disappear, that’s terrorism. When Harry does the same to the editor of the Daily Prophet, that’s justice. Man, being the protagonist of a story rules, in this case literally it seems.

Having said that, you have some interesting ideas.
1/12 c7 Vinnyfer
Yep, this is where I stop, didn't even get to half the chapter, the whole synopsis is basically a clickbait, there's 10% science, the discovery doesn't have any weight because Harry don't struggle with absolutely anything, 90% of the story is basically Harry gaslighting kids to his harem, I don't even have to say why a 30-year-old man in the body of an 11 kid manipulating little girls in falling in love with him is at least problematic.
1/6 c1 1Eroldin
Bones being a trashy b!tch it seems.
11/30/2023 c3 Jon211107
Whenever the MC just decides to randomly start talking to the whole great hall it just makes me cringe especially since he had nothing to do wth the prank
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