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1h c2 19crocket
corporal punishment was in 1986 harry was not old enough in story for that to be true checking some facts about England would be bloody nice once in a while
1h c1 crocket
vernon did NOT PAY FOR SCHOOL AS PUBLIC SCHOOL IS FREE so if you want harry to respond answer with that, as it illegal in England for children to be refused education
6/11 c23 Strable
Hey, I like your story. But there are just a few things that bother me.
First thing is that you described the function of a laser a little bit wrong. A laser consists of a medium, like a cristal or a gas, and a light source. On one side of the medium is a mirror completely reflecting the light, on the other side is a mirror only partly reflecting the light and letting the other part through. This is why the laser beam is straight forward. If, like in your case, the mirrors are all around the medium, you'd get a very diffuse light beam through the hole in the front. It would be more like a light bulb with only one colour/light with only one wavelength. The mirrors keep the light in one direction (coherent) and every beam which diverts is adsorbed by the casing. It is okay, if you power the medium from within itself but this could result in not having monochromatic light.
To sum this up: it would be wiser to power the laser with a light charm around the medium and to cool the casing very good so the laser doesn't overheat.
Second thing I stumbled across is your idea that the sun is the source of all magic if I understood it right. But this idea goes against your idea that magic needs a magnetic field and therefore is more difficult in space. If the sun radiates the magic through the light it emits, you would be endlessly powered by the sun in space and on earth. This means that casting multiple spells at night on earth would be much more difficult than at day. And if you are in the sunlight in space, casting a spell would be nearly as easy as casting it on earth because you have your carrier, the light, all around you and in every direction. This phenomenon is called diffusion if I recall this right. And light, as you might know, is a electromagnetic wave which travels really fast. So magic would be more difficult to cast the lesser light there is around you. Or more precisely: magic is more difficult to cast the fewer electromagnetic fields are around you.
The third little detail is a question of understanding. I know a little bit about physics and a lot more about chemistry. But I don't understand how you or Harry wants to get the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. If I understand correctly, Harry uses a adsorbent to get the gas out of the atmosphere and than with magic splits the carbon dioxide in carbon and oxide. So it is like an electrolysis with magic as power tool. This leaves the problem with the carbon. Where to use it? The first thing that comes to mind is sell it as coal. But if you really want to process it than why produce fossile fuel? Why not produce sugar or methan or ethan or ethanol. Those could be used as chemicals for the production of other organic substances like plastic. You could use the carbon even as graphite or graphene which is easier to produce with what you described how magic can function. And those two are of great use in a lot of different parts of the industry.
Aside from those things I observed I liked your ideas of how magic could work in combination with science. It is very interesting to read and I really like reading it even though some relationships and character traits are a little bit strange.
But overall I really enjoy reading this fanfic.
If you should have any questions concerning my comments, feel free to write me personally.
6/10 c26 cameron1812
what a ride. Incredible. Thank you!
6/9 c10 stacygrrl2002
Pandora alive! Excellent! Now who is she chattering at? Faerie?
6/9 c9 stacygrrl2002
Luna's mum?
6/4 c16 Bronze
There's always someone who thinks they're above the law. They never realized that as Harry created the coms and controls the Index Crystals that Harry could find out who was behind it all. And he's not gonna get away with it. Now my question is, did the girl cast the Imperious Curse on Fleur herself or did he somehow do it through the com? Is it even possible for someone under the Imperious Curse to Imperious someone else? Seeing as Good Ole Fumblemort can't stop meddling in Harry's business, maybe Harry should put a small cottage somewhere else on the moon and leave Good Ole Fumblemort there for six months to a year alone? Maybe then he get the message to keep his nose out of Harry's life? Nothing else seems to work. Of course he need to have enough food and drink for that amount of time as well as entertainment of some sort. Though, come to think of it, it might be better to leave the entertainment out or like Riddle, really bad prerecorded tv shows on a loop.
6/4 c15 Bronze
Always keep 'em guessing as someone once said. So, the idea of constantly reselling space on a rocket will keep the spy agencies of the world very busy trying to figure out who actually bought the space as well as what the hell they put up. Anyhoo, the protections from the werewolf transformation seems like a stop gap measure. It'll likely take Harry a year or two to come up with a better solution. And when he does, them he'll be allowed to become one himself. Something the occurred to me while reading of the experiments with Remus on the moon. The house ONLY has ONE ward shielding it from ANYTHING. In the past couple of yrs a couple of asteroids have hit the moon. Anyone of which hitting near Harry's house could collapse the main ward. So, I figured if Harry DOES put a pool and grass up there it would be best if he put special wards to cover the house and pool just in case the main ward fails. These secondary wards would allow any magical to appearate into the house from the pool or into the saucer. Harry could then don his suit and go to the house to collect all their clothes. Or he could just check his main ward stone to see why it failed.
6/4 c21 Guest
there are 2 kinds of smart ppl the ones with good memory and the ones with a good mind
and starflight in wings of fire
6/4 c14 Bronze
As was coined in another super HP fic, " It's Harristic! " True, it's not a real word but it fits both fics. It really doesn't surprise me that Good Ole Fumblemort's STILL hiding wrong doing in the school. For one thing, his image is on the line. For another he still believes that every bad boy deserves unlimited second chances. Regardless of what they do or plan to do. Just look at how easy it was for the Death Eaters to claim Imperious and get off after the first Blood War. He WAS the Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump of the ICW during those so called trials. Of course, if you might interfere with his plans then you don't deserve a second chance. Now, Harry has the start of a large family and has no intention of letting anyone like the Death Eaters or rapists or the likes getting a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card. Nope! The Werewolves are making a hell of a dent in the criminal population around the magical world now. So, things are beginning to improve.
6/3 c2 Ariadne Venegas
But Dumbledore had nothing to do with that home at all until it turned into the orden of the fenix! Before that it has no fidelius only really awesome defenses of the Blacks. If Sirius wanted the fidelius he could had asked Fillius for help
6/1 c7 nightwing27
I love how you send tom to the moon for my story with cross overs with avengers and lily and james having powers beyond of mortals. I will use a portal to dino ages lol a t rex lunch and tom on his menu lol
5/27 c19 DarthEmrys
While i love the story, the fact that you basically made Harry a cheater(and i don't refer to time travel, but that he actually considers himself to be an idiot just copying others) disappoints me. Besides that a great story
5/26 c16 KayMalfoy1995
Surprised you didn't add the world Cup on here
5/25 c27 DVolt
Loved the story! Looking forward to reading Origins.
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