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28m c23 6Inu-bitch
I am loving this story. And to be honest with you I still consider Pluto to be a plant. I even tell my children there are 9 planets when helping with their school work.
6/25 c11 Belthazor2
Killing Voldemort should have been a no brainer. Keeping him around is just a recipe for disaster. Makes your mc looking foolish.
6/25 c10 Belthazor2
Chap 1-10. I liked it overall. There a lot of new idea's in this fic. And that's hard for how well traveled the road is. Like building a spaceship from scratch. Things I didn't like is the overused fetish rape theme. It never was a thing in canon so it could have been totally left out. Besides it clashes horribly with his harem aspirations. A pervert is a pervert so best to avoid such a catch-22.
6/25 c1 2blcoachmac
Interesting! Strong, dominant Harry! Sirius and Remus are going to be damn right scary!
6/19 c22 2EzeikelShepard
Plankton is the organism that produces a majority of the breathable air. Trees actually consume most of the air they produce.
6/14 c26 2adafrog
Very good, thanks.
6/11 c1 Guest
Reading for the third time, because I couldn't add my repeat review and I had my 2nd review saved when I tried reviewing :)

2nd -
I feel like I've read this before as well.
6/11 c27 Guest
The story was a fun and entertaining read, thank you.
6/13 c26 beth626
6/8 c2 Guest
About Nagini, SHE is the Maledictus from Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald. That's been confirmed.
6/6 c26 Ellie J
Your story is fascinating. I liked reading about the inventions that Harry made. I love how muggle and magical were combined. I also love what you did with Tom, talk about poetic justice! I'm looking forward to reading the sequel.
6/3 c27 SoSoLazy
5/23 c22 noylj
Siphon water out of the air on Mars?
It might have high RELATIVE humidity at night, but at those cold temperatures, that isn't much water vapor.
Try running a dehumidifier at the south pole in winter, and you'll still have a great deal of water vapor at the most arid place on Earth
5/23 c17 noylj
Simple ruby laser
Cylindrical artificial ruby, mirrored 100% on one end and 50% on other end.
A xenon flash unit causes coherent light to bounce back and forth in the ruby until it has amplified enough to pass through the 50% mirrored surface
5/23 c13 noylj
Synchronous orbit to what? Earth or the Moon?
You would need Earth and lunar satellite relays
Still think the sun is a better place for Moldie-the future can lead to his escape.
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