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for Glitched Techs: Double Date

8/5/2020 c1 9Prophet21
These stories are amazing!
6/26/2020 c1 11OMAC001
Wow, M-2 or Meico is a really messed up individual. Can't wait to see what happens next!
6/3/2020 c1 10Wolvenstrom
I liked it.

It was an interesting take on 'will they, won't they' plots. Establsihing that their 'might' be something their, but they don't want to push it.

Your good at a slow build-up and teasing us with 'more every chapter/ story, while making it feel that it could be its own episode of the show.
5/31/2020 c1 Alt right David
This fic is the digital embodiment of diarrhea. I have read better stories from mentally unstable man children, but then again, you probably are one yourself.
5/17/2020 c1 Kraven the Hunter
Good thing I randomly decided to check for new GT fanfiction today.

I figured Hinobi was using salvaged alien tech. Them using tech from the future was a possibility that hadn't occurred to me.

Miko's twin sister is scary, but her not knowing what bubble gum is was both cute and sad.

I'm glad things between Five and Miko aren't getting too serious just yet.

Fight choreography was good.

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