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12/15/2020 c21 29msmadelineclancy
Now you've made me cry tonight... so good :)
5/16/2020 c6 msmadelineclancy
A broke and arm and cracked ribs and Ned still wants to fuck his wife like crazy. See. I want that. Ugh.
5/16/2020 c12 msmadelineclancy
Okay, but Ned is a hero of Grandview and he is so humble not to see it that way. He's just doing his job. It reminds me of Eddie and his silver star in 9-1-1. This is one of the greats again. Let's be real it's one of the best.

Favorite part is Ned stealing her fifty point word because that hits me to the core. It's feels like such a personal attack when you have it all planned out and someone steals your spot. That little shit lol.
Katie is right - Ned is a rat that won unfairly, but there's no evidence.

And of course... one more time. Her yoga pants were gone and he was behind her. And he reached there and she screamed, into the rug. This day should never end... perfect touch
5/16/2020 c17 msmadelineclancy
Another one of my favorites. We just didn't get to see enough of Ned ghostbusting with Melinda in the show because of Delia being so damn overprotective and that's one of my favorite things about him being with Katie. He chose to have that be completely in his life always by being with her and that's always had a warm place in my heart and is one of the reasons why I love Ked so much
5/16/2020 c16 msmadelineclancy
Okay, I just have to laugh at Katie saying - "This is a family vacation. We have to keep it family-friendly?" Like have you see your parents Katie? lol I love that Ned brought it up too. Also, I always love a good family chapter. This is another one of the greats in this story :) not that they aren't all great because they are and I love them, but this is one of the best.
5/16/2020 c15 msmadelineclancy
Favorite part was one of the last things Katie said: "Make me come just one more time and I'll be so loud I won't be able to talk tomorrow." And Ned's response just kills me. Only once? It's always more than that hahahahaha MOOD
5/16/2020 c14 msmadelineclancy
This chapter gets me every single time I read it. I hate how Katie is feeling and even though Ned totally deserves it, it's sad to see them like this. My favorite part was Josh, as usual, being a Katie fan and telling her to give Ned hell lol. We love to see it.

Also, I will never stop mentioning how Ked broke the table twice in the break room having sex on it. Oh, and Ned fricken Banks is a GOD because he made Katie orgasm three times. She is a hell of a woman for being able to torture him with her silence haha
5/16/2020 c13 msmadelineclancy
My heart is so warm right now. Asher is so cute. He has always been my favorite to write with Katie because there was such a good tender feeling for both Katie and Ned with their son because of Charlie.

Favorite part was Ned's fingers brushing her breast because, God, he loves her. That is how babies are made ;) Love. Passion. Sex. It all boiling over with the one you love to create someone else entirely made from your love. Also the nurse. I loved that too. :)

They are a party of three, and they can't believe it. Beautiful. So beautiful.
5/16/2020 c11 msmadelineclancy
This chapter kills me every time. Everything about it was perfect. And you know I've always got you back when you're stuck in a knot! You've written so much for me and I'll always help you :)
5/16/2020 c10 msmadelineclancy
Favorite part of this is that Ned wasn't going to push her for anything because a) they'd had sex four different times that day already (SO KED) and b) she was drunk and if she wanted to go to sleep so be it. We love a good man who just loves his wife and would never make her do anything she wouldn't want to do. Also, that description of Katie's lingerie never fails to turn me on every time. EVERY SINGLE TIME
5/16/2020 c9 msmadelineclancy
I have always loved this because I love that Ned not only gave Katie a pick me up with his affectionate behavior, but he kept her safe from Henry too. Mwah. Just perfect.
5/16/2020 c8 msmadelineclancy
Ned's phone buzzed and I smiled because yesss those pictures are gonna kill him. Then I remembered Ned's passcode, and I teared up. That was so simple, but knowing it would be a bittersweet reminder to not only Ned about his firstborn son but to me who did this to them. Damn... I really am bad haha. Definitely a perfect moment.

And then her pictures. A lacy bra overflowing with the bounty that was Katie ;) Ned knows that bounty very, very well. "Sexy pics from the wife?" Yes Tyler, but he'd never tell you that LOL. I also love that he didn't tell her that's coming, even if it made Katie a little sad. He definitely will do what she told him for next time ;)

And Katie doubting Ned missing going down on her. Aw... like yes, Katie... he just loves you that much.
5/16/2020 c7 msmadelineclancy
This is another one of my favorite chapters in this. I love the dynamics between Ned and Jim, always have :) I also always enjoyed Tim as a character and a love interest for Delia. There wasn't enough shown of him in season two and then he disappeared until Jim died. I really hated that.

And then last but not least, the Ked scene at the end. I loved the little outfit she changed into and how great her ass looked in it to Ned. We all know Katie has a great ass from her mother ;) Love the tension building because he knows she wasn't feeling the greatest after eating too much, but he finally gives in to his lust and reaches his hand to rest it on her. As usual, he gets a little tempted and plays around, touching her because he knows he can, and knows she's going to be his forever soon. I just love this story all around, you know? lol
5/16/2020 c5 msmadelineclancy
Melinda and Katie's relationship has always been my favorite of the TLF kids and their relationships with Jimel that I created. Just I love that she picked out her bikini because like, of course, Melinda did. Ned is also like the best dude ever. If someone pulled that kind of food and preparation out for me I would be like marry me right now so it's good that Ned had already put a ring on it lol
5/16/2020 c4 msmadelineclancy
I always love the tension between Katie and Ned when they are growing up and starting to mature. It's a fine line to write them because of the consent age, but at the same time it's Ned and he would never hurt her.

One of the best things about this is him staring but feeling bad for it, but knowing she has a crush on him, that helps his feelings in the end. It's funny comparing this, which is probably his first sexually tempting encounter with her and the one I wrote in TLF at the cabin when she's 16-17 and being vastly different even more risque.

And, this proves for MahF that Ned has seen Katherine in a bikini ;)

And then he needed to find a private place, which wasn't so private because Katie, being just like her mother, snooped and saw him. Well built, hmm I knew it. Absolutely loved this line "Most people seemed to think that larger was better." Such a subtle was to say he's got himself a nice package lol.

And Katie kind of getting turned on was perfect, and well I was too to say the least *fans face*

He left his phone and she checked his messages and found nothing. That was even more perfect, and it took him three bottles of beer to basically try and forget about the whole situation and be able to look her in the eyes.

And of course she'd never forget. She never will. She'll probably use it against him one day ;) Perfect chapter, never underestimate yourself.
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