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9/10 c17 nitewolf423
is this the creation of Dawn right here and mothers hair is why she's a sister and not a Duaghter
8/24 c27 3Fyr RedNight
Great work on the last couple of chapters!
8/19 c27 Julie Q
This is truly inspired! :) Thank you so much for all your hard work and ingenuity, and for sharing this brilliant story with us! *hugs*

...are the Scoobies going to 'kidnap' Harmony every time they take her to Narnia? Not because the 'Narnia Effect' still works on her, but more because a] it's fun, b] Harmony loves it, and c] it's become a tradition for them?
8/20 c27 Lord Mortensen
Great Chapter! Please update it soon!
8/20 c27 Malhavoc Shadowlord
I sort of want to see some omakes of Harmony's adventures away from the Hellmouth. Those must be some absolutely wild shenanigans.
8/20 c27 shugokage
Great job on this chapter!
8/20 c24 Eeyore3061
Okay, this is for both something that came up in Ch 27 and in the "Reviews" (comments ) of it.
Namely, who is Harmony related to.
If it's the Addams Family via Wednesday, which era/version? IIRC, the original cartoon started in The New Yorker in the mid-1940's, then the TV series in the mid-1960's, and etc since. But yeah, Wednesday Addams as Harmony's Grandma would be awesome!


What about "cousin" Marilyn?
Marilyn Munster, that is.
Have her be Harmony's Grandma!
Fun thing, while Grandpa displays as a {somewhat} classic vampire, he seems to have moved on from the "classic" menu for substance. Also, Lily Munster acts like a, at least partial, Daywalker so Eddie Munster, between Lily's background and Herman being [mostly] of "standard" (though there's probably more than a dash of Magical) Human seems to be a full-on Daywalker.
Now as to why I said "..."cousin" Marilyn..." earlier.
"WHAT IF" Marilyn is actually Lily's daughter from a earlier marriage? Marilyn presents as someone who is ~16 - ~20 years old but she could be, and probably is, older? They've immigrated out of 'the old county', and assumed "new identities" for their and the children's sake. Lily's {possible} prior husband could have died during a Pogrom or War, while protecting/covering Lily and etc escaping.
TLDR, Marilyn Munster as Harmony's Grandma would also be awesome!
8/19 c27 kenn.davis.56
Looks like this story is developing into a series of running gags (and blindfolds) but I'm hoping for a little more drama, unplanned pregnancies, Giles and Joyce threesomes, major revelations, stuff like that.
8/19 c27 keichan2
“You have a very strange family” I agree!

And I wonder what the meeting with said family will be like…

Thanks for the new chapter!

I hope to read more soon!
8/19 c27 Navn Ukjent
Harmony living a more exiting life than the Scoobies was a nice surprise.
8/19 c27 2CMVreud
Is it not strange how much angst and drama disappears when the ones responsible for, or recieving, it just funk?
It is af if the Bonobos have the right idea. #returntomonkey
8/19 c27 brayanamaya963
Que buen capítulo
8/18 c27 DREAPERisGOD
You know this probably one of the books I followed the longest actually I think it is the longest book I've ever followed except for one book that I came back to years later I don't have the attention span wait for a book to update but I've been reading this book since it first came out and honestly surprises me that I'm still reading this even almost 4 years later if it hasn't updated in a month i usually already forgotten about it reading a bunch of other books
8/18 c27 darkimortal
I'm calling it... Harmony No doubt Is a part of the Addams family.
8/18 c27 3DarkKing666
Canon pick - the winter in Narnia ended once the White Witch was defeated. It should be Spring in Narnia by this stage.
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