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for Six Reacts To Six the Musical!

10/25 c1 Captainelise2
Please continue
10/12 c1 avidreader
Please continue with this story. I can't wait to see the look on henry's face when he hears and sees the songs. I bet kathiren Howard and Anne boleyn will bond over mutual beheadings.
9/16 c1 Guest
8/24 c1 Guest
You have my attention. Do go on.
8/8 c1 Frox Cruz
Wonderful fic, but I was wondering if this would be updated anytime soon?
7/26 c1 Crazyfangirl1234
This is amazing, cant wait to see their reactions to the songs
7/22 c1 Tyler
Ooh, please continue!
7/12 c1 5Lady of Goblins
I love this story. Actually, I love all of the Six fan fictions (all three of them), please continue it.
7/7 c1 theblackdoctor3
i need this in my life please continue pleassssse
7/4 c1 LuAO0
I thought there wasn't any fanfic of this type, you don't know how this made my day!
I just have a few issues with the reactions in the reunion, they felt a little rushed, I would suggest you use a little more description for these, but it really isn't that important if you don't want :)
6/21 c1 ivy
Yes I love these types of fanfics! This will be great. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
6/15 c1 Guest
Update please this looks amazing!
6/4 c1 Guest
OH shit
are you gonna make another chapter
6/3 c1 Guest
Yay someone else writes about Six and you have the courage to share it! Awesome, wow. Also historical or musical appearances? Can’t wait for the next chapter!
5/18 c1 A mishmash of trishtrash
I love Six, and this fanfic is starting out great! Stay determined!

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