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for Descendants Godzilla: Magic, Monsters & Mayhem

9/20 c1 GojiraFan455515
This was amazing! There were some moments that made me laugh and my heart wrench. Liked Godzilla's origin and Maleficent and Ursula's death. Mir seemed like a good villian, and his daughter was a good character. You sir, or ma'am have my respect.
7/25 c1 DragonMaster4872
Can you please do Godzilla x-over story with something other than Disney?
6/24 c1 1Tom Hibbert
I think this is a very good story likeable characters and great action a unexpected match up but it's works surprisingly well can I recommend a anime series that you might enjoy futari wa Pretty cure its a magical girl series in the vein of sailor moon cardcaptor sakura and saint tail check it out it might bring up some crossovers like say I don't know the predator maybe? Anyway keep up the good work

httpswww. youtube
6/24 c1 66laze jovanov
Once again, you have outdone yourself with another masterpiece of a story! I must say, making a story between Godzilla and Disney's Descendants was quite unexpected, must being the professional that you are, you made it work perfectly. Mal turning into a dragon and fighting alongside Godzilla was quite the epic battle, and SpaceGodzilla being the prime villain was just the icing on the cake!
Makes me wonder what SpaceGodzilla would be like if Toho ever allowed Legendary to use him.

Anyway, as always, this was a fantastic story!
Also (this is more of a request), when you use King Ghidorah in another story, can you have it to where the three heads have distinct personalities like the Legendary version? I'm not saying to use the Legendary incarnation of Ghidorah from "Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)", but to have Ghidorah's heads have individual personalities and expressions.
5/25 c1 83DJ Rodriguez
Nice one here! Like your other works, it was quite long and detailed. But again, a treat to read!

You really got some good details here on a certain monster's beginning, and following along on what occurred and did start with the descendants of the Disney classic legends. And also with the Toho legends as well such as Space Godzilla and the King of the Monsters himself.

And also, you gave excellent dedication to the ones that have passed on from this world, especially Cameron Boyce. It is sad that those with excellent promise and potential die young, but hopefully he and the others are in Heaven with the Father. Away from the craziness of the world & celebrating eternal life with Jesus Christ.

Again, you did excellent here! Keep it up!
5/21 c1 47Cossacks250
Another well done Godzilla x-over my friend.

The plot was intriguing. I've only ever watched the 'Wicked World' shorts, never the Descendants films. But with what you've done here, it's gotten me interested in the films.

I do like the little references to other Godzilla films throughout the FF; the 1998 reference when Horace and Jasper's sons are fishing; the appearance of Godzilla and Anguirus together ( i thought this would be like 'Raids Again' at first) and the titans bowing to the Big-G after the fall of King Ghidorah.

And of course seeing the villains and their kids fight Mir and SpaceGodzilla and other Kaiju - particularly with Ursula giant sized fighting them - that WAS a good part of the story. Also nice to see an appearance of others, including the Arendelle Gang.

Overall, another good FF to put up here and I look forward to future works. :)
5/19 c1 Cylon One
I loved it.
What more can I say.
A Godzilla and Descendants crossover turned out so cool here.
5/19 c1 godzillafan1
far too many monsters for my taste hope the next story's better ever thought of doing one with the American legendary Godzilla?
5/18 c1 Unknown
Good job on your latest story, it was interesting to read. I always found myself amazed at how you’re able to put Godzilla and Disney into these type of stories without it feeling out of place. Can’t wait for more.

Also I had a suggestion for a future story that you could potentially make. You did a story featuring Godzilla and the 2002 He Man series, I was wondering if you would do one that crosses with She Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix would like to see that.

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