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10/12 c34 David12leca
You have tremendous skills in writing take a bow fantastic fanfiction
10/11 c33 David12leca
it was a nice chapter a good feel good chapter sometimes its what you need in a story.
10/11 c32 David12leca
I did not see that coming one bit holy shit
10/7 c34 186Virodeil
Oh. Ow. I hope this story will end happily. O_O The chapter began okay, then came the vision... We were forewarned, but I still felt kinda unprepared. Still, thank you for writing and posting this chapter. :)
10/2 c34 3Ironhidensh
See, now I’m glad I kept reading!
10/2 c28 Ironhidensh
This chapter has me almost wanting to stop reading. I won’t, but damn man. How can you possibly ever be happy after that.
9/30 c34 CMdkelley
While I admit that there are parts that I consider disjointed, or I dislike some aspects of the story (seriously Leah being evil), overall I am enjoying this well written if psychedelic look into the possibilities.
9/30 c34 NotSerious4Fun
Despise Anakin and Padme getting back together
9/30 c34 40Courtesy Trefflin
About what Padme did… I think that if she truly loved Anakin more than herself (which is quite debatable, I suppose, looking at the Clone Wars series), she would have tried to understand what happened to “him” as well as tried to help “him,” instead of running off and getting into a relationship with her older sister. Lol. She seems to have a severe case of narcissism. And about Luke… he might be nicer than Anakin, but he’s not more compassionate, which is what matters to me.

I adored Anakin and Luke flying together and bonding! Their relationship is one of my top favorites in the fandom. It must be wonderful for Anakin to have someone who truly understands his culture and where he came from. Cody and Leia’s interactions were… interesting albeit very weird. Lol. Time travel or not, the thought of them having a relationship like that is… ugh. I feel so bad for Leia though. Having to witness Palpatine slaughter his family must have been horrible. And knowing that Sidious is… in her somehow must be terrifying, especially when she knows what he did in the future. Oof. Another awesomely written chapter! :D
9/28 c34 16The Wasp1995
Okay, let me just say I don't think Palpatine's original backstory should have been retconned by Disney because it's actually spot on for an evil character of that caliber. Therefore, I really, really, enjoyed witnessing it.

Second, maybe I'm missing something but I thought Palpatine was killed by an entity representing Plagueis? I love the fic but certain parts were a bit bizarre. Just wanted to make sure I have it right. Because the implication at the end is horrifying. Does this mean Palps conciousness is now in Leia?
9/25 c3 Guest
Dancing lions please
9/20 c34 Ariadne Venegas
So Sidius is inside Leia? Or she only see him in a vision and she is afraid! Because he want her.
9/19 c34 2maximusrexmundi
Damn! I guess it does make sense she could be the conduit for all darksider souls with her taking on the Son... But I gotta say, lot of body swapping this fic lol
9/16 c34 Person
:) Yayyy! Update!
The scene with Padme and Sabe was well done. Can we all just applaud Sabe? Because she does deserve better than being second best, and Padme needed space to figure out her dumpster fire of a family.
The Anakin and Luke moment was so cute! He called him dad! My heart broke a bit...also, Anakin trying to get his clueless son to talk about Ahsoka...XD Nice try Anakin...nice try.
And Leia! WHAT! NOOOO! Could you imagine. Your worst enemy and nightmare is now a part of you? Poor Leia! At least she has Cody.
Can we all just appreciate that it took Leia a few months/weeks to figure out she liked Cody and made a move, while Luke has known Ahsoka for at least 3 years and is still pretty clueless about it...
9/18 c34 gamer85
awesome chapter, glad to see you back
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