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3/8 c33 Mia R
Your note made me leave a review! I'm usually a ''stealthy'' reader in that I don't usually leave reviews because most of the time I just don't know what to say except a ''nice work!'' and other platitudes. I've been really enjoying your fic and following it with every chapter that comes along ever since its beginning (I think I started reading it when it had like 4-5 chapters?). I love your work and the concept behind it, your writing is appreciated - it's probably that most people, just like me, don't know how to give out praise properly lol
3/9 c33 3LuciTheFangirl
This was a heart warming chapter, thank you for writing
3/8 c33 51Courtesy Trefflin
Well, I must say that I wondered if Plagueis ended up in the body which the Mother had been inhabiting. This is going to be very interesting, especially since no one has any idea who he really is. Wow. If you planned this from the beginning, I have to say, you did an awesome job bringing the story to this point! I’m impressed. Plagueis has just obtained all the power he’s ever wanted, and that is bad news for the galaxy, because he could easily wait a century or three when all the current Jedi are dead to make his move. I not at all surprised that Anakin is trying to be happy for his family but failing miserably. It will be nice to see him and Leia bonding more in the future. I’m so happy they’re becoming closer. I really loved this chapter! :D
3/8 c33 Guest
Good one, some nice fluff to breathe easy.
And hope that poor Anakin can get a happier future
3/8 c32 Courtesy Trefflin
I love the dream sequences, to be honest. They’re interesting and make this story stand out when compared with others. I did not expect that Sidious would learn about the twins, and Leia, in particular. (Or maybe he found out earlier, and I forgot?) I’m not at all surprised that Rex and the other clones refused to listen to the Mother. They will always be loyal to their Jedi commanders who have treated them as being instead of disposable slaves. I wonder if they really did kill the Mother then… I am glad to see Plagueis show up, because he’s an awesome super villain, and a definite improvement from Sidious being the main villain in everything. Lol. I loved this chapter so much! :D
3/8 c33 4BeautifulArbiterDreamland
This chapter feels like the calm before the storm. It was good, yet I know that it won’t be easy for them.
3/7 c33 phineasn
I really enjoy your work. Sorry for not reviewing. Some of us don’t have the ability to express ourselves well and comfortably by writing.
Not only the ideas are hard to present in an orderly form, but also the writing itself is very slow and laborious.
I understand as a writer it’s hard to understand why people don’t just push out a long review whenever they read... it’s not so easy.
Im really getting hooked on the Plaguéis angle...
3/7 c33 ghostcrab311
I'm glad Anakin received absolution from Leia and Padme. He, poor guy, was treated like a dog's breakfast for stuff he didn't do at all. It's the opposite of going from a firefight to a conference room. Yikes!

The last chapter made a lot more sense with this one. Is Plaguey going to become a girl in his mind as well? Does he have any idea what he is doing? Hmm. Is Plaguey himself, or did Palps come along for the ride? I mean, he can't sense Palps in the Force, so is he (Palps) really dead or just mostly dead?

These two are nuts. That's all.

And I am having trouble seeing aristocracy as anything good. So there's that, too.
3/7 c33 Person
This. Was. The. Best. Thing. Ever.
Everything from Anakin and Padme's dance, to Leia's apology to the matchmaking dances...everything was perfect. I couldn't help but smile and laugh. I think that in time Leia and Anakin could be good friends and I could not help but just rejoice with Anakin. It's like the world is finally giving him a break and a nice warm hug.
Cody and Leia...I am intrigued. This could work well. I do like Han Solo, but I have utmost faith that you will make this work.
Ahsoka and Luke...well, you already know my soft spot for these peeps. Thank the force Obi Wan and Rex were done with the BS and are getting things done.
Shout out to Obi Wan for best person ever!
3/7 c33 Individual
Great story! I love it! Great plot! Great characters!
The only complaint is the wait for new chapters. I almost died waiting! :D
3/7 c33 Person
My reviews aren't showing up!
I love it! This story is amazing! Even of I don't review, please know that this story is my favorite star wars fanfiction, like...I can't even put it into words...
Also, that AN, I was cheering for you. You go! Your self worth does not matter on what you do. Even if you wrote trash (WHICH YOU DON'T) you still have worth and value just based on WHO you are. Don't forget it :)
Have a blessed day!
I have one request: please update sooner than 4 months! That last wait killed me :D
3/7 c33 Lizzy50
I enjoyed the conversations between Anakin and the women in his life!
3/7 c33 Jacobmunkie
As always, love your stuff. Very interested to see what plagueis’s gameplan is
3/6 c32 Person
Yay! Update!
I am super excited to see baby Kenobi! Ahhhhh! Also, darth Plagueis is back?!
I am kinda pumped for Leia to be possessed. Could you imagine? Luke would be heart broken and doing whatever he CAN to get his sister back. Anakin would probably team up with him because reckless Skywalkers got to be reckless. And Ahsoka... :).
Also, I kinda just love the whole Ahsoka and Luke thing. It might take a while for it to come to fruition, but I find it super cute. This fic made me fall in love with it. I think Ahsoka deserves happiness. Actually, I think all these characters deserve happiness.
My favorite OTP: Obi Wan/happiness
3/7 c33 Jeda31
Well, well that was a very intriguing and enthralling compelling gem of a new chapter. So as one Sith dies, another returns to plague and threaten the galaxy in the guise of Plagius reborn into the body of abeloth’s former avatar with a of her piers and abilities at his disposal. That is will very interesting to see just what patient strategy he makes use of to take over the galaxy in his own sweet time.

Oh the talk between Anakin and Padme was so awesomely beautiful and tenderly sorrowful. As they bonded over the new family they had and become friends . Whilst marvelling and enjoying the sight of their future children having fun.

Well, well those are certainly two very intriguing romantic pairings and will be enthralling to see whether Obi-Wan’s mischievous matchmaking bears fruit at a later date.

Brilliant chapter and keep up the great work.
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