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11/19 c35 131changingdestiny40
For the author of this fic and other reviewers here:

I personally don’t know about problems with the email alerts here but I received an alert for this chapter twice, first a little around 12 A.M. and then another this morning.

And I also received an alert today for another unrelated story I’m following.

If there was a problem with fic alerts here earlier, to me but it now appears it was fixed.

Also to the author but thanks for this new chapter and good job. And very nice to see Anakin and Padme get back together and hopefully the heroes will be able to save Leia and stop the Sith.
11/19 c35 1batmanuchiha
let's hope that this sends emails to my inbox now
11/19 c35 skrapsynneh
Thank you for the chapter. I look forwards to more.
11/18 c35 Mattroxursoul
Love the chapter. I am one of the people who do not like Padme and Anakin match. They really have next to nothing in common. While she can be fierce at times she is a wannabe pacifist. Anakin is a take action person who is pretty much a war criminal even before he falls.
11/18 c35 4BeautifulArbiterDreamland
You’re in love Cody. There are different levels of it and you’re just starting to tread the surface. X

Also. F*** Palpatine.
11/18 c35 JumpingToaster
I don't mind pairings but the whole Cody X Leia thing came on like a isekai truck. Friendship is one thing but this? standard I ain't against or for the pairing other than she got over Han faster than a serial one night stander.
11/2 c34 Mac-The-Editor
In response to your AN at the top:

Padme and Anakin's relationship in the movies is the freaking weirdest thing ever.

I hate the star-crossed lovers tragedy bull, too. My favorite version of Romeo and Juliet is the one with the guns, mostly because we got "Oh, happy dagger!" *BANG* out of it. I don't need Romeo and Juliet in Space. There's like 20 different anime which all really heavily on the R&J storyline, and I'm not about to watch any of them. Which is why I enjoy the prequels in spite of the sickeningly lackluster romance.

Which is why one fic is I've always wanted to read, but I've never found a well written attempt is a rewrite of the prequels where Anakin is 14ish, so he and Padme can be friends, rather than that creepy mommy act. Bleugh.

Your writing as always is spectacular! And I've just pulled an all-nighter reading this fic, so I'm gonna go eat breakfast and work out if it's worth staying awake or if I should sleep.

11/2 c33 Mac-The-Editor
Gaaahh, you're killing me with this fluff!

Well, really, I'm the one happily drowning myself, but I really must congratulate you on being able to go from Demask getting a firmware update to an Alderranian dance floor without giving me whiplash. Cheers!
11/1 c26 Mac-The-Editor
The waters may be uncharted, but I'm eager to get this boat rowing!

Also, random thought/question:

What's your opinion on Mara Jade, and if you do enjoy her place in the Expanded Universe, would you ever consider a Luke/Mara pairing in a fic? It doesn't even have to be romantic, I just loved seeing the two work together, and I believe that their particular brand of insanity would bring the Clone Wars to its knees in a delectably hilarious way.
11/1 c1 JumpingToaster
Fics like this make me wonder how a story would be like where someone like Artoo is the one who travels back to the past.
10/30 c14 Mac-The-Editor
Fantastic story as always!

And I've got 4 teas for you: Oolong, Jasmine, Yorkshire Gold, and Blackberry Sage!
10/28 c1 Looter
Ahhh here u lost me sorry
10/25 c23 Mattroxursoul
Good chapter. Could you imagine Luke giving in to the dark side to kill Vader? How long would it take before Palpatine fell? How much worse would a completely Sith lorded up Luke be to the galaxy. All the potential
10/24 c18 Mattroxursoul
Last force vision? Shame I enjoy that part of the story. It builds up to multiple things going on at once. At least luke did not have to perform that dees
10/24 c11 Mattroxursoul
Great chapter. The idea to just walk away makes some sense. Yet it also leaves the clones in a bad spot.
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