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for The Red-Haired Beater and The Purple Maiden

7/15 c7 Sapphire Bentley
omg I love it Jake this was worth waiting for and cheered me up and I enjoyed it so thank you!
7/7 c6 Elizabeth Petras
Confession of love wow amazing this is amazing hope for more content soon so good!
7/7 c5 Eliott Giles
Mother rosario great chapter well done amazing
7/7 c6 Petra Lympondoki
отлично сработано (well done) great великое признание (confession)
7/6 c5 Sarah Pickering
Well what a great interesting and innovative creative chapter! keep it up
7/6 c4 Sarah Pickering
Wow me and my children loved this once again, we really liked Yuuki birthday scene, thank you for this hope more to follow! :) from fellow Americans
7/6 c4 Erik Elias
Very good, yuuki birthday beautiful well done great chapter
7/5 c6 Sapphire Bentley
wow this is a great chapter Monseuir, I can't wait to see more chapter, the CONFESSION WOW! AMOURE AMOURE!
7/5 c4 Samuel Coates
Love Yuuki Birthday scenes, it was really epic hope u do more like this man!
7/3 c5 Samuel Coates
Such a great chapter sorry I have been inactive I was in the hospital having emergency surgery. Im glad you brought out content in which I can now read thank you! :) this was a very interesting chapter
7/2 c5 Sapphire Bentley
love this it's so great Monseuir Jake was a great one and how it progressed Mon bein
7/2 c5 saolover1
Mother Rosario is a great chapter love all which happened in this great work keep it up!
6/2 c4 Erik Elias
WOW i love it. yuuki birthday scene is so cute and amazing well dun
6/3 c4 Bradley Walsh
love this chapter it's really great

yuuki birthday such a good one
6/2 c4 Sapphire Bentley
Awwwh Mon Brillante Yuuki Birthday Presente!

Mon super!
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