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1h c26 4Shadow S. Korosu
Hot damn, I'm all caught up! So, there are a few things that I remember wanting to mention.

For his Fallen Angel racial class, how important are the wings? There are a few different settings where I've seen a larger number of wings indicating a more powerful, higher ranking Angel. Like, for every pair of wings you have, they behave as a sort of multiplier to your power. I think it would be cool for him to have special missions or something where he can gain a new pair of wings, or maybe be a level milestone of his racial class, where every so often he gains a new pair until he reaches the maximum number. Just a thought, since I don't know what you have planned for it, and I haven't seen any mention of him gaining levels in his racial class.

On the topic of racial classes, is he limited to strictly one at a time, or is able to reasonably combine certain ones? I think a Vampiric Fallen Angel, or even a Fallen Angel Lich would be pretty cool, and a possibility for combining two of them. Maybe even something like a Draconic Fallen Angel, that would be kickass. Perhaps have a requirement that he obtains them both separately, and reaches max level with them both, before he can combine them? Just some thoughts that were bouncing around.

I was also wondering if you would consider having him visit a world or two, by special request? I've never seen a Gamer story so far that has the character visit White Knight Chronicles or Azure Dreams, and while one is definitely more "high level" than the other, I think he could have a fun time in both, and gain some cool new stuff from both. Plus, some fairly attractive women would be available for seduction.

Anyway, that's everything I have in mind for the time being. Thank you for the great story so far, I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
11/21 c20 Shadow S. Korosu
This may be answered already, in a future chapter, but I'm curious and figured I would ask before I forget entirely, just in case it isn't answered. It was said that depending on what House Founder he was the descendant of, he would gain certain perks, boosts and stuff to his skillset. So, what did he gain for Ravenclaw? Did he get boosts to his Intelligence and Wisdom, some sort of magical skills related to birds, bonuses to experience gains? I'm just wondering if you completely forgot to mention what benefits he got from his choice, or if you didn't mention them yet because it hasn't become relevant, or what.
11/20 c19 Shadow S. Korosu
I know this comment is probably irrelevant because I'm 7 chapters behind, but I think an easy solution to taking out the majority of the Weasley family, if not all of them, is to wait for a holiday where they're all, or mostly, packed together in their home. From there, just Meteor Swarm the fuck out of their house, I doubt they can defend against multiple, back to back castings of that spell.
11/17 c19 dragon slayer of death 98
please not rita, she is annoying, also when he gets resurrection from white mage he should bring back lily and mindfuck her into a loyal sex slave, because she is hot, and i'm surprised he isn't gonna bang hermione before he kills her, she is hot if she looks like her movie version
11/17 c18 dragon slayer of death 98
i bet when he learns mind magic like imperio, obliviate, legiminins and other he will go wild on the evilness, maybe have kurumu suddenly be ok with him fucking her mum, and sharing him with other girls, and make ageha into a sex pet who is used by him and kurumu, maybe do it to mizores mum too and make mizore be fine with it, and make all his harem members have the hots for each other too so there is yuri action, plus i'm a fan of the mizore x kurumu pairing since the yuki onna village arc in the manga
11/17 c9 ProjectZion
I hope he does the demon dungeon after this layer of celestial. He can put the radiance damage effect to use and hopefully get something that the celestials are weak to for the second layer.
11/17 c8 ProjectZion
Ooooh you called HP Wizards, magicians. There's a meme and everything for it.
11/17 c2 ProjectZion
Can't help but feel you should have given him the flaw of Arsonist or Pyromaniac. He seems a bit unhinged.
11/16 c3 Damon Phillips
your writing style reminds me a lot of nomadicchaos, with an almost amoral character who has no problem with blowing someone's shit up, and cucking morons. it truly brings a tear my eye and it is absolutely lovely.
11/16 c9 1Tentacleman
Hey bro get Fleur delacour too.
11/16 c1 The Quincy god
hmm should of would went with umbrakinesis think of alucard and blackbeard, the nara etc. but your the author
11/16 c26 9sd74
Have you thought of using the cards/ability of that Maximilion Pegasus Soul Prison Cards?
11/14 c26 oscarojeda62
Haz que se acueste con Rose despu├ęs de la fiesta de navidad
11/14 c26 Austin
Ok good to see coming alive again Pravus666 but...
I have a concern now... I see you removed the norsemen story is the reason being you've lost interest in continuing the story if so...sad but understandable it had a good run.

But anywho back to this story interesting of Rose getting her eyesight fixed along with the brutal result on the horntail.
Interesting but question is there going to be any parts of this story that will bite Adrian in the ass later on as I'm curious to see what mistake he will make in the future?

Also any interesting updates or plans on other stories new or current in the future? Or no just focus on the gamer story.

Good luck on the next chapter and hope it comes soon.
11/14 c26 Stratos263
Who expect rose to kill a dragon with a chainsaw
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