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4/30 c9 Axccel
Moka doesn't have a clue what it's like to be hated. Her "hard" life (the outer Moka I mean) is literally kids thinking she's weird because she claimed to be a vampire (even though she knew to keep it secret no doubt) and later boys being interested in her due to her beauty. In the manga and show she literally acts like this was some terrible experience and something the audience should sympathize with her about. Woe is me, I'm so popular! The horror!
4/30 c8 Axccel
Eh, I've never had a problem with this. Once Yukari used a voodoo doll it showed that the guy's life was in danger. If things hadn't been resolved in canon when they had, she probably would have crippled or kill Tsukune within a week and likely done something terrible to Moka as well. And she was plenty old enough to know the evil of what she was doing and, unlike the monsters, she is essentially a magical human and so has human morals. Which means she was just plain terrible and a threat to people's lives.
4/30 c3 Axccel
Moka would be a good evasion tank for him. Kurumu’s illusions can aid in keeping their party unharmed with slight changes to the enemy’s perception. When I think about it, the RV girls make a decent RPG party.
4/30 c1 Axccel
Interesting perks. And yeah, Tsukune’s only redeeming quality is what any normal person has.
4/17 c26 1Kargan3033
Nicely done I am enjoying this series I hope to see more of this fine story and thank you for the hard work you put into it.
3/7 c1 2Boredjustchillin
This had a lot of potential. I really liked it in the beginning but then I saw the MC start making really shitty decisions every chapter. It gets annoying after a while. And the constant poorly described edge grates too. Edge is good, I love edge... but not this. And your conversations are like really... weird and unrealistic. Please, try talking to people irl. Your MC is bullheaded sometimes and pussy-footing another time. And stop swearing every goddamn second. Do you swear all the time while talking to people?
Anyways, I hope you can do a rewrite or reboot of this. That way you will gain much more fans than now. I'm not saying it's a bad fic per se but it ca definitely be much, much better. And you should respect other people's opinions too. They spend their valuable time critiquing your work only so you can improve by understanding their criticism. I don't know how old you are but you definitely sound very young. Probably going through your rebellious teenage phase. Your profile directly insults the people you should be listening to. The 'United Assholes' or something like that.
Do you not understand that they are trying to help you? There is no profit in insulting you, my friend. Please. Listen to what the critical reviews say and think carefully about what you have done. For your story's sake at least.
3/4 c8 Levianeus
The story is overly edgy, and If I don't cringe at least 10 times during a chapter, it's a surprise. Your character curses a lot and even then it's only f you, f that, mother f. The power leveling was fine, but there was just one final problem. The freaking system talks back, okay I get it it's been done before, but yours just sounds so fake and most of your conversations sound one side. 6/10
2/21 c1 dakiesalamander
A very poor attempt to copy The Dark Wolf Shiro verse... Shiro (I and II), Kuro Tepes, Kuro Dantalion, Grayson Raum are interesting. But this shmuck of MC? From chapters one, he is annoying. Dumb decisions and cretin. He is boring. Loss of time.
2/10 c16 1uzumaki.namikaze10
2/10 c15 uzumaki.namikaze10
2/9 c14 uzumaki.namikaze10
gooOOOD Chp
2/9 c13 uzumaki.namikaze10
1/31 c1 Parkodas
Lmao, who sorts spell type by geometric shape?
1/31 c1 Parkodas
Lmao, who the fuck sorts spell type by geometric shape?
1/23 c8 1FailedKeikaku
Do you know what i am really starting to hate is the ("However unknown to ***"*people watching*) really gets me annoyed. *rolls up newspaper* now... dont do that again or else
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