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for The Serpents Loss

5/20 c6 3JDT Productions
I'm loving this series, just finished catching up on it. please continue!
4/3 c6 slyguy30
Can’t wait for the next update!
3/13 c6 Guest
All they left was her head. Huh? A chapter ago you had a curse eating her organs.
Also cigarette IS the correct term "over there", a fat is just slang for a cigarette. And it was slang for a cigarette long before Americans started calling gay people by it.
3/13 c5 Guest
Good thing (for him anyway) Malfoy is so good at running away.
3/13 c3 Guest
Well it looks like your math is as bad as JKR's. Because if John was born when Sirius was locked up Harry was already 15 months old and would thus be older than John. However in the timeline Harry would still only be 14.
3/13 c1 Guest
Gee who do we know has black hair, gray eyes, and had an affair with John's mom? Hmmmm...could it be?
12/27/2021 c3 BCod87
Your story has a decent plot. Not sure why Duff has to be Sirius’ biological son, but you must have a reason. It just seems like an unnecessary complication to the storyline. And there’s a timeline issue with that. Hannah said that Sirius was in Azkaban when she found out she was pregnant. That’s impossible if Duffy and Harry are the same age. Sirius was thrown into Azkaban when Harry was 15 months old. So Duffy would have to be around that age too. You would have to provide a different reason for her to keep the paternity of her child quiet for over a year. And what excuse did she give her husband for the voided marriage contract? Or did she just say “I want a divorce” and he gave it to her? Joseph doesn’t seem like the type of man to accept his wife leaving him. He’s too controlling for that and seems like he would investigate his loss of control over his wife of seven years. Just some things to consider.
10/31/2021 c6 moodyboy66
Please continue this great story
10/29/2021 c1 Guest
These are very good stories. Please... No more with the girls hitting , swatting or anything of the like on the boys. It would never never happen in real life and is just dumb. Please also, a lot less John.
10/24/2021 c1 Dogco94
Hope you continue this.
10/16/2021 c6 Guest
I am so glad you picked this wonderful story back up. One of the best AUs I've read. Keep it up. Please!
10/1/2021 c1 2Cario Regun
dude that hair style is awful hahaha plus I remember that harry's hair is special and always go back to that messy hair? hahaha
9/23/2021 c6 Schnuff
It's again the time to check all those unfinished stories...and to delete those that are dead...dead like this one.
The only good is, that I didn't read the first part (or I would be upset).
8/27/2021 c6 0sef
it would be good if you stop parotting the books and make the bad guys invincible...

Considering the end of your previous story and the start of this one, once again no matter who is in charge Voledmort do as he please without any trouble at all... -.-

Askaban raided a few days after Voldy resurecred, no one tought of adding protection to it -.-

Like hell Bones manor, residence of the DLME can be attacked and overrun like it's nothing especially since Bones KNOW he is back, she KNOW she will be targeted yet no protection at all? Its plain stupid and make no sens at all... Now you have a ministry beeing attacked again like its nohing...

PLEASE stop making the good guys so incompetent its really annoying -.- Dark lord or not, a bunch of 2 hundreds terrorist can't bring down a governement as easily as that no matter how much the governement is corrupt.

Continue like that and i will lost any intereest i might had in it, of course its still your story but since is only part 2 its a really shitty start
8/23/2021 c6 7DrowningDemons
I’ve fallen in absolute love with this story! Pleaseeee please please update this story!
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