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6/8/2023 c9 GrokmoreDakka
6/7/2023 c7 GrokmoreDakka
Malal YES
10/27/2021 c9 dino2000
The first 1 chapter was ok, but the rest is nonsense, no relation to the beginning, just mumble jumble of info that no one knows about if they are beginners, what happened to the stormcast eternal, how did they fight ? We don't know cause the rest of the story is stupidly placed.
6/8/2021 c9 Guest
Kruleboyz vs orsimer?
6/8/2021 c9 Guest
Please update!
4/4/2021 c9 Monshroud
Considering the very energy of magic, "Magicka", exists as a complete Whole in the Aurbis, whereas in the reality of Warhammer it's broken up into Eight parts which make up the "Mortal Realms", I wonder if the likes of Teclis would be VERY interested to study a Reality that appears to be suffused entirely with "Qhaysh"...
3/12/2021 c9 11Moonreaper666
Rule of thumb in any Crossover with Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar or 40k. Chaos becomes Much MUCH STRONGER

The various denizens of the Elder Scroll Universe are all suseptible to Chaos corruption. The Dwemer are not safe whereever they are

Humans and Argonians would worship Chaos in great numbers just to live longer AND have more magical abilities

Poor people worship Chaos

Archaon should fight and kill Talos. Talos' essence is devoured by the Five Major Chaos Gods in turn Archaon's power grows as a reward. It is a race to kill the Aedra and other 'gods' to consume their power!

Be'lakor should kill Paarthanax and acquire his power!

Slaanesh's Son should take a female Elder Scroller as his concubine and to give Slaanesh grandchildren
3/7/2021 c9 Guest
3/7/2021 c9 Guest
How is Malacath dealing with all this? He isn't a true Daedra, but an Aedric demigod mutated by Daedruc energies. How do the Orsimer and Goblin-Ken figure into the equation? Is Malacath subservient to or a rival to Gorkamorka?
3/7/2021 c9 Guest
Sigmar should just be honest that he hasn't moved on from his first love still.
2/15/2021 c8 Guest
I looked through the army list for Monsters of Destruction and Monsters of Chaos, along with the Beasts of Chaos army. Sure would be cool to fight a Mer-Wyrm or a Preyton in Skyrim
2/10/2021 c8 Guest
That actually a great idear since both give great benefits for each other. Fimir are highly resistand in and outside of battle and are masters of mist magic while Argonians have high numbers and favour guerilla warfare, which means that both boost each others strengs while weakening their flaws (Fimir with low numbers, Argonian warfare with (lack of) terrain knowledge).
2/10/2021 c8 Guest
Fimir Argonian Alliamce sounds cool!
2/9/2021 c8 Guest
For falciatore1669:

If you think that cheeses of madness are the best that either one comes up with then your imagination is quite disappointing. The BEST result of these two mad abominations fighting each other is liquifying their own forces in a shitstorm of knowledge and magic while driving each other mad for . Thou, the idear of the Daedra and Chaos Gods pissing each other off is quite funny and good for everyone else.

For whoever that one guest is:

1. The Fimir probably won't fight the Agonians. They have left Chaos as it left them as well and neither do they need the females of other races to create offsprings anymore. At worst they fight each other, though chances are higher that they mostly either ignore each other since Black Marsh is HUGE or they may even allie for ressources and new knowledge.

2. The Fyreslayer won't fight anybody unless they are attacked first or given Ur-Gold. If their neighbours won't bother them or their neighbours enemy doesn't have Ur-Gold, chances of an attack are small to not at all.

3. While an Ogor cult at Red Mountain is not problematic, a horde of hungry monsters followed by a magical snowstorm is and those Ogor WILL get wiped out rater early, one way or another for potentialy causing so many problems.
Troggoths can casualy survive in any place that isn't pure magic so those things will become a... um, great new edition to any local wildlife.

4. Gorkamorka probably won't give a shit about those since it rarely does at anything that isn't about fighting and its closest to second in command, Gordrakk, is trying to break into Azyr right now.
11/30/2020 c7 Guest
Fyreslayers set up in the volcanic wastelands of Morrowind and soon begin to take over the place?
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