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7/18/2020 c3 Guest
I'd love to see more.
6/4/2020 c3 Guest
Are we gonna see some dino- and giant reptile-action (f.e. Carnosaurus,Dread Saurian,Stegadon,Salamander,Terradon,Ripperdactyl)?
Btw. what about Oxyotl? He is probably still somewhere in the Real of Chaos, guerilla-fighting the Demons there.
6/3/2020 c3 Guest
6/3/2020 c3 Guest
The Tamrielic Gremlins, Goblins, Orcs, and Ogres may not be taken too kindly to due to the actions if their Greenskin equivalents of Snotlings, Grots, Orruks, and Ogors.
6/1/2020 c2 Guest
I wonder how the various Beast-folk of Nirn will fare. Probably even worse, once Chaos and Destruction arrive. If Order can't tell the difference between an Orsimer and an Orruk, or a Khajiit and a Gor with Lion features, they might just decide to commit genocide "just in case". The Argonians and Khajiit would probably fare a little better, yet the majority of Beastfolk like Goblin-ken and Minotaurs will probably face persecution like never before.
5/30/2020 c2 1rc48177
For a being who loves knowledge, you think it'd understand the idea that whenever you enter a new pond, you may not always be the biggest fish.
5/30/2020 c2 Brother Bov
DAMN, that was surreal...
Good going with that interaction.
5/21/2020 c1 4Hassarn
Interesting premise. Can’t say I saw many stories with age of Sigmar. Old world is coming back so this may be the one and only as well. Like your writing, would love to see what you could do with Dragonborn transported into warhammer fantasy world.

As for Chim to put it simply the entire Elder Scrolls world is a dream, and to achieve Chim is to be aware that it is a dream. To be able to dream lucidly and direct the world and events to your will. You are immortal because you wish it so. You know what will happen because you direct it. Basically.

Dragon shouts work on the similar premise of being able to shape and change the world trough will without making the user be aware that the world is a dream.

Shor is not in the Throne because he is in the Dragonborn. You are a Shezzarine, like Ysmir Wulfhart, Shor took over your body but he is not aware of him being who he is. The old persona that inhabited your body, the original man that was Dragonborn was replaced by Shor. And Shor doesn’t remember who he is and what happened to him. Nor does Dragonborn remember what happened before. Basically a blank slate for all involved.
5/21/2020 c1 1deathshade37
Great chapter! I look forward to more!
5/19/2020 c1 3Jack vile Ripper
Aaaaand Watched. Rejoice Stormwracked! For a true Demigod wil
5/19/2020 c1 Guest
AoS? Into the trash it goes. Not true warhammer.
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