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for A Song of DOOM

1/11 c7 1J4C00B0
It seems that this story did not have an end, it is a shame, but I liked what I read.
1/11 c5 J4C00B0
I think the slayer has more mental strength than that, but I guess that's how you see it, I can respect it.
1/11 c3 J4C00B0
For a moment I was going to complain that the Slayer was too violent against innocents... then I remembered what fucking planet he is on and I punched myself in the back of the neck for being an idiot, almost no one is innocent in that vomit of a world. I think what happened is that since I've read so much silly fanfic that paints that world with shades of honor, I got confused, but the original material is more visceral and totally gray and black.
1/9 c6 1Pedro Alonso Buby Huayanay Zamudio
hmmm i really like that fics also i hope see the next chapter I also wonder what their interactions with the supernatural beings of that world will be like.
12/1/2022 c3 machadoricardojoseleiva
BEM, eu vou ter que procurar um CROSSOVER de DOOM e HALO, e ver quem e o Super-Soldado mais ''casca-grossa":O Doom Slayer ou o Master Chief John 117...
11/23/2022 c7 yonatonmontoya1
Rip & tear
11/18/2022 c7 creekinny
Essa história precisa ser revivida! É tão boa e engraçada, a ironia desse mundo se chocando com a violência estrema do Doom Slayer não foi perdida
10/29/2022 c7 Guest
Jeez man… Take a chill pill
10/25/2022 c6 ghassenhmida605
Man finish this fucking story
10/25/2022 c5 ghassenhmida605
Dude Wtf i said finish it
10/25/2022 c4 ghassenhmida605
Come on man finish it
10/25/2022 c3 ghassenhmida605
Please man finish the story
10/25/2022 c2 ghassenhmida605
Please man finish the story WTF
10/25/2022 c1 ghassenhmida605
Please man finish
10/24/2022 c7 ghassenhmida605
Dude please finish this story
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