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for Sado-Masochism

5/1 c1 Guest
The correct term is sociopath, not psychopath
8/7/2020 c1 3This-Mickey-Seems-Iffy
Psychopath with justice? Wtf is this. I he going be a stupid hero?
7/20/2020 c5 gonzoschmonzo1920
I realy like this Story and Hope you Continue it. It would be nice if you could give David a Symbiont and also a lemon scene with Black Cat would be nice too (why did you write german for one line?).
6/1/2020 c3 brodylopa
so far so good hope you contiune it
6/1/2020 c3 Mash-Potatoes1
Can't wait for the chapter
6/1/2020 c2 Mash-Potatoes1
Please change the name of the dang-ar. It sounds horrible IMO.

The thing about the spider bite giving him innate knowledge on how to build webshooters is way too out there. It would sound less ridiculous if the spider bite simply enhanced his intelligence to the point that it allowed him to create one.

I think him gaining emotions and becoming more 'human' is a great idea. It makes future dialogue much less boring and predictable
6/1/2020 c1 Mash-Potatoes1
I like the concept and how you presented it so far. Hopefully, you'll be able to complete this story
5/27/2020 c2 2nataku2709
Nice story

If you somehow you give your MC a symbiote, that would fun to read :p

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