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for Naruto the Disaster

7/27/2020 c4 Guest
Wonder when is this story gonna get updated? Really curious since this is a really good fanfic.
6/4/2020 c4 1libek025
Aren't Tsugumomo possess much longer lifespans than humans? So why is he fine entering romantic relationship with them, but not with the goddess?
6/1/2020 c2 AnAvidReaderOfYours
is this kyouka from BNHA? they seem really similar, love of music and being one, the name, the lavender hair and purple eyes also fit
6/1/2020 c4 Dasgun
. .
6/1/2020 c4 3SoloChrollo
What do you think of the season 2 fight with Kukuri? Ep 9 was the best ep so far.
5/31/2020 c4 M2R
5/31/2020 c4 dreaduser001
So will naruto reincarnated to the future? What will happen to his power? Did the disaster happen or not? So many questions that need to be answered but I hope it will be revealed along the story. Thanks for the chapter...
5/31/2020 c4 Samuel Santillan
me gusto debe ser harem y no me digas que no es posible es tu historia y yo lo se tu lo sabe todos los que len esta historia saben que debe ser harem no dgo con muchas solo dos o tres de ella
5/31/2020 c4 SlyFox9
Whenever I read this I can’t help but think Weapons & Meisters from Soul Eater.

Interesting that Minato is an exorcist, while Kushina is a Tsugumomo. They must’ve tried really hard to make a child.
5/26/2020 c3 Samuel Santillan
lamento hacer esto denuevo pero no esta el capitulo para subir el comentaro me gusto el nuevo de Naruto the Charming Princess Charmer menuda broma para el final me pregunto que pasara ahora espero el proximo epero a saber como reaccionaraan mikan y rito especialmente mikan ya sabemos como es de protectora con naruto
5/25/2020 c2 M2R
interesting... i haven't watch or read tsugumomo so I am reluctant to read this fanfic at first. anyway keep going
5/23/2020 c3 Guest
I hope Naruto got Shinobi as his partner next and also make kakane lost the darkness in her heart as well.
5/22/2020 c3 MonoBani007
I love this chapter!
5/22/2020 c1 1Deltablacknaruto
Not gonna lie, I had absolutely no clue what this series was and ended up binge reading all 128 chapters over 3 days and I must say, I love the series and I love this idea. Looking forward to more.
5/22/2020 c3 Deltablacknaruto
I feel the need to ask: Was Kushina a chain tsugumomo? Is that how this will reach the modern world cause Kobans were only in use until 1868, literaly 139 years before the beginning of Tsugumomo in 2007. If he were half Tsukumogami like Oriobana it might get him there considering that woman in in her 80's and is still very youthful.
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