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for The Goblin Contract (DISCONTINUED)

9/2/2021 c1 anon9919
opdote when?
6/17/2021 c7 26JensenDaniels32
Dude, please come back to writing this story.
6/15/2021 c2 JensenDaniels32
So this ENTIRE CHAPTER was essentially a flashback. Why? Please tell me that you at least completed season 1 of Goblin Slayer in your story.
11/6/2020 c1 2King Vader 66
Toss a coin to your witcher
10/20/2020 c1 DaddyRylanor
I share the idea of why there wasn't a Goblin slayer/witcher crossover, and I love this
9/4/2020 c10 human dragon
I love Gaunter and i love this story

PS. did you realize that Gaunter O'Dimm spells G.O.D
9/1/2020 c10 48Evowizard25
Alright, let's go over the chapter. So we've got more Witchers. Alright and these ones are rather violent. To be honest, given how they are described and shown, dealing with them would be like dealing with ticking time bombs. While it is interesting, I can see it kinda killing a lot of possible interactions or banter since they might snap with just prodding or jokes. Perhaps that's just how it seems so far but unless that changes, they might not make for good forefront characters given that they limit possible conversations and relationships. Strangely enough however, Lizard Priest is the only one that I could see working well with them. *cough*and I totally wasn't thinking of him and the femme Witcher together *cough* XD Joking aside, it's still a good start.

I will say though that I'm glad you didn't go one route to make them menacing. In that they defeat Spearman, the strongest adventurer in the frontier. It's kinda a trend I see in fanfics to have a badass character quickly beat this guy (and sometimes steal Witch's attention) just to prove how strong the character is. So I'm glad it wasn't just done here.

As for the gods, it's interesting to see how you have them react. I'm guessing some of these gods are from the Witcher series? If so, that would be interesting. I do wonder if Earth Mother might be hesitant about them since she grows rather fond of Priestess as the story goes on, even talking to her directly a couple of times. As well as cute Illusion who's just trying her best but just has the worst luck when it comes to playing the game. Some good set up and possibilities. Can't wait to see what happens.
8/29/2020 c10 thedark2
Ok not problem i wait You next chapter so cool
(Sorry My Bad English)
8/28/2020 c10 Ronmr
Well, things are going to get interesting. Wonder how much shit is the lizard priest gonna lose when Saskia comes.
8/28/2020 c10 kukuhimanpr
the cat school feels kinda schrodinger. they work as assassin, but they also revel in indulging their emotions. to no one's surprise, they got inquisitioned. still, those quirk of the cat school is what makes it the best candidate for experimenting with female witchers. and i sense those cat witchers are going to make a messy party soon enough.
8/28/2020 c10 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
8/22/2020 c10 trjz
Thank u for the amazing story?
8/21/2020 c10 pt1oef
You can simply consider this is well done and write everything left into the next chapter. Good work.

The operation of the Guild does ensure the right job going to the right person and protect everyone from avoidable risks like meeting a foe too strong or hiring the wrong guy. It is not perfect but still better than having no specialized organization for those quests and business. Less shady and dangerous. The ranking system is more open and economic than only relying few Witchers for a country.

I hope Letho can't get his way out from that. Continue this exciting path please. Plus, his previous actions are quite counterproductive about that after all. It's also amazing to see Wizard shinning here. Please don't make his life easy, please!

When will the Demon Lord search for him for his head? I'm looking forward to that moment.

More bookworms, please?

I don't think "walk by without being noticed" being possible to him after how he usually acts.

I don't think blaming everything on that flaw makes sense. You would have a better explanation, arn't you?

Making a detailed review like this does take time.

Can those heal magic from GS world work on Witchers' scars?
8/21/2020 c10 p6lishb6kser
I won't read it as it is, instead I'll just wait for a complete one :) take your time
8/20/2020 c9 thedark2
Please no Witcher female is very stupid
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