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1/20 c3 LOVE.MRL
Your story is beautifully written! I love it!
8/16/2020 c6 1KelseyBl
This was sooo good! I loved it. Can I request you doing a one shot or a short story of the time Kiara and Sarah fell off the boat and JJ had to get Kie out of the water and she went to the hospital? That would be a fun one to read :)). Anyways thank you for the great story.
6/21/2020 c6 2Whatfunny
great story! loved it!
6/9/2020 c2 Aliceinabookstore
I love this story sooooo much this is my third time reading it!
5/26/2020 c6 39mashimoshi
What a ride! So happy with this ending. It was adorable, and I had a smile on my face the entire time. Great job! Can’t wait for the one shot <3
5/25/2020 c6 madisonpllbigA
I love this!
5/24/2020 c5 Guest
Every chapter gets better and better! Kiara and JJ’s were the absolute best! JJ’s is so sweet, there’s something extra there, they’re so in love with each other! Can’t wait for the epilogue
5/23/2020 c1 mashimoshi
Oops, awful typing skills on my part! I meant, what an amazing piece of vengeance
5/23/2020 c5 mashimoshi
UGH MY HEART! This is everything. I loved it so much. What an amazing price of vengeance
5/23/2020 c3 Guest
Gosh this gets cuter and cuter, Sarah’s chapter was amazing, I can’t pick the best part because I loved all of it; if any of this ever made it to the show I’d be so happy!
5/23/2020 c3 madisonpllbigA
This is my favorite chapter! I love this!
5/23/2020 c3 Guest
Adorable love it!
5/21/2020 c2 Guest
I absolutely love this so far! I’m so excited for more chapters! I especially loved the part in chapter 1 where John B describes the instance he knew they were gonna last, I loved that! And in the second chapter the part where Pope helps JJ but in the end he doesn’t “know” Kiara. I can imagine that happening on the show, the boys all talking about Kiara and what she likes, maybe even before Jiara are together, John B and Pope say something and JJ just keeps correcting them without even having to think about it, truly knowing her interests because he cared enough to listen! Love this
5/20/2020 c2 mashimoshi
So good! I love it! And your little footnote made me tear up a bit, not gonna lieCan’t wait for more!
5/20/2020 c1 FloraJardim
love this story!
so excited about the rest of the chapters!
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