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10/27 c3 13Iron M. Writer
I need more
10/8 c3 WilliamLeonis
I would love to see this more of is so keep on going.
10/8 c1 WilliamLeonis
I am loving this idea and hope you continue it!
5/4 c3 GNetNe
Hello Darkness my old friend...
4/26 c3 Nikkless
so when will you update this story
4/13 c3 7Let Me BeLazy
That's interesting. Hope I will see more. Wishes.
3/10 c3 Guest
2/10 c3 FrenzyInbound
LOL wonder where this is going to go. just casually drops 1,000 gold coins.
2/7 c3 Katelorrainesss
I loved the fic! I hope you update soon.
2/6 c3 James Birdsong
Yay for your cool story.
1/27 c3 5Incarnation of Madness
You need to stop including lines like "because she still thinks this is a game" We know Maple still thinks she is in the game based on her actions and behavior, you reminding the audience like that just takes them out of the story.
1/23 c3 TheEverlastingHater
the grammar needs a lot of work...
1/22 c3 Guest
1/21 c3 Guest
Maple is the worst enemy for FoZ world. İn NWO Maple has only two weakness. First environment and it cant be avoided and second is piercing attack but Maple can avoid or protect herself from it. But halkeginia doesnt have piercing attack so Maple's weakness is covered. Her Defense is unrivalled and her attacks are weird and unique. Now only soul attacks mental attacks and void attacks can effect her but as you can see she is gaining immunity to these attacks so she doesnt have any weakness now. Karin cant pass her defense, Cromvell cant brainwash her, Tiffania cant use her memory magic so other Void users are in trouble. Not only that she gained Gandalfr her only weak point were 0 attack agility and magic but Gandalfr can cover attack and agility with its effect. So Halkeginia are in trouble
1/21 c3 Guest
Hahaha 1 or 2 chapter after that is Guiche. I cant wait for him to challenge Maple
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