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7/9 c2 2rindy713
Wonderful! Good for Mike, getting Bobby moving. He almost missed his chance.
7/8 c2 leftyred
Lovely story! Thank you for writing it.
7/6 c2 jstapny
This was nicely done. Thank you.
7/5 c2 hisnhers
Logan, Logan, he certainly likes to push people.

Perfect ending.

Thanks for still writing!

7/5 c1 hisnhers
Maddie! yay!

Good and angsty so far. Man he was abrupt, but it's Bobby, nothing is ever exactly as it seems on the surface. Alex certainly has every right to be upset and hurt.

7/2 c2 5Poetfades2black
Yes! Love it.
7/1 c2 miteymom
Loved it! Keep writing. I really enjoy the way you portray hem!
7/1 c2 deniselynne1966
Oh I absolutely love this chapter. Hmmm. Costa Rica sequel...
7/1 c2 20WendyCR72
This is so, so incredibly awesome. It just makes me smile like a goofball. Your writing is so descriptive. :-)

And thanks for the distraction (with this crazy world these days!) into happiness and happily ever afters. So glad you're still writing (so damned well!) for our little fandom!
5/23 c1 7WhitmanFrostFiend
Eagerly awaiting CHAPTER 2! This is so good, from Alex’s pov. I can only guess about Bobby... Maybe his therapy has gotten him more aware of his feelings for Alex, and he feels she can’t possibly return his feeling? Or maybe he’s still in denial but subconsciously he’s motivated to try to make a clean break from Alex?
5/22 c1 5Poetfades2black
Omg love it. Oh Bobby. He's pulling away isn't really pulling away but possibly fear moving forward and how their relationship now that he's just a man and he sees her as a woman now. They're dynamic is changing just a bit. But I can't wait to read his thoughts so angsty but beautiful. Sorry for the run ons
5/21 c1 4writerella
Sequel! Sequel! Sequel! lol I love this...beautifully written with so much emotion!
5/21 c1 2Francesca Salazar
OMG! Thanks for writing this!
5/21 c1 CALUPA69
Nicely written story, easy to read. Hope you continue from here. Don't believe the the BA relationship would ever sink to this level but I'll be back if you continue.
5/20 c1 20WendyCR72
Oooh, so this is the result! While this chapter was a wee bit sad/painful, I am on to the next. Cannot wait to see how this shakes out. New Maddie fic. YAY! :-)
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