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8/17 c1 lisarussell687
ur aswome!
8/9 c2 32Mistress 0f Dragons
The amount of whump in this. Bless you
8/9 c1 Mistress 0f Dragons
Omg yes yes yes yes. I love this. First time I beat crisis core back in high school (over a decade ago) not only did I have the flu but I had my period as well. I was sobbing, wailing during Zack's death scene. My mom rushed into my room because I was crying so loud. She thought something was seriously wrong. Once she realized I was crying over a video game she rolled her eyes, patted my head and scolded me for giving her a scare.
7/18 c30 Guest
wonder what happened to cissnei?
7/20 c30 1justme7777
;) I love Zack. Wait a minute. Is Aerith still gonna get kidnapped?
7/19 c30 2anya112
Ummm, what! You can't kill off Cissnei! It's just, not fair... Well hopefully Tseng couldn't bring himself to kill her and she sent the text. That's what I'll tell myself, hahaa. Anyway, I understand what Zack means, but I'm sorry being hunted down and experimented on by a company that you put blood, sweat and tears working for, I would be like Barret, I want to help blow up the next reactor where do I sign up. Wonder what's going to happen next. Will they possibly prevent the plate from dropping? Will Zack change his opinion of Shinra then, I wonder. Waiting patiently for the next chap.
7/19 c30 11Creedsz6
So ... I Greatly Enjoyed this chapter it was wonderfully constructed I had never even consider the idea of the pigeon and birds being affected by mako poisoning. And I absolutely loved the little breakfast scene thou I would have like to see a bit more for Tifa. Regardless thou thank you for another wonderful read
7/18 c30 MagatsuIza
I have never been duped and heckled in a long time when reading a story. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! MAN! I HAVEN'T BEEN THIS MOTIVATED READING!

HOOOO BOI! Droping bomb after bomb like that was really crazy. Dropping news about plate drop is one thing, making Barret act flustered is too, but slipping Wutai girl cameo and Cissney possible new identity so close just damn crazy! and let's not forget about Tseng's conversation. Holy shit, man. So smooth. Really didn't see the end coming from them.

Well, I guess that's all.

'Till next time, farethewell!
7/5 c29 2anya112
Awe, no more... This last chapter I was hoping would have some more Cloud and Tifa moments, but alas. I guess it is necessary to iron out the story regarding the plate falling. And of course that witch Scarlett was the one to come up with the plan. I cringe to see what's going to happen to Cissnei. Patiently waiting the next chapter.
7/1 c29 Guest
My one complaint is that now I’m going to have to try to sort out what’s cannon and what isn’t, because holy crap it FEELS like cannon - but better! Thanks for putting this masterpiece out there for all of us!
And can I give you a huge shoutout for what you’re doing with the characters? Instead of taking these characters and making them who you wanted them to be, you straight up took the characters, got into their heads and then wrote this story. Your insight and understanding of each of the characters is mind blowing. Their reactions are natural and the way they interact with each other and deal with their situations feels so real! I particularly love the way you write Tifa. She’s a tough character to get right (IMO of course ) and I’d say you captured her personality perfectly.
7/2 c29 Scenda
Perfection does not even begin to describe this. To say that this is perfect is a grievous understatement and insulting beyond measure. I... I am physically unable to describe how this makes me feel. There is no combination of words in the English language that means enough.
6/27 c20 Scenda
If you are an FF7 fan and haven't read Halcyon Days, you should. As in, right now. In fact, this is now mandatory reading.

I am utterly floored at how underrated this is. How in Bahamut's name does this not make the front page? The only reason I can come up with is that not enough people have found it yet, which is absolutely unacceptable and must be remedied immediately.

I am seriously debating whether or not to pick through this story from the beginning with a fine-toothed comb and give you the Young and a Menace treatment, i.e. finding every single compliment I can give you and then doing just that.
6/24 c6 SilverSoul 17
Hi, so I was merely passing by when I found this story, the initial chapters were short yet intriguing enough to make me read this far. As I was reading this chapter, I must praise you for your detailed descriptions and scenario build ups. The paragraph about Tseng’s coffee alone set the tune of noir music in my head.

However, I began to notice some awkward sentences that kept appearing and they were jeopardizing the rhythm of the story. I seriously do not do grammar and spell checks in my reviews often, mainly because I doubt most authors care to revisit their older chapters, but I’m hoping you’re not like most authors. So please bear with me with my list, I only have your best interests at heart. Words in parenthesis are spellchecked/additional, asterisks are for spaces, double asterisks are words that need to be taken out, and question marks express my confusion.

1. “According to our sources, Avalance is preparing to bomb a mako reactor.”
If Cissnei was surprised by his declaration, she didn’t show it.
Cissnei flipped through the report, and her lips tipped into a frown. “Avalance is planning a bombing mission?” The surprise[?] was plain in her voice, and if he was being fair, he had been surprised as well.

This first example is what tipped my editing skills off. From stalwart to pure shock just by reading the same info she heard not a moment ago.

2. While the Turks were highly effective and took their jobs incredible (incredibly) seriously, Tseng was all too aware of Reno’s ability to get…[well**], distracted. Coupled with Rude’s quiet but trusting personality, the two of them made for a potent [?] combination.

I’m confused how this pair is potent when their personality traits are implied as negative.

3. “To put it bluntly, Sample C has escaped.”
“We cannot find him.”
The receptionist’s words hissed across Zack’s consciousness…

Zack heard the part about not finding Cloud yet the fact that the receptionist called him “Sample C” didn’t trigger sirens in his head?

4. Zack’s hand drifted across the bandages, which he knewwere* already becoming staining (stained) from the reopened, bleeding wounds.

5. He was distantly aware that the cushion was hard and uncomfortable beneath him, but he didn’t move. (He) Didn’t want to move because he preferred to stayuncomfortable* and sore and hurting.

6. “Our initial findings indicate that his mako enhancements allowed him to move much faster than expected, and so security regarding Strife (was) lax...”

7. “We need to find Cloud[?] as quickly as possible, as he is a danger to himself and others, and now that he’s awake, we can begin treatment…”
“but their secondary order, and your primary goal, is to find Cloud[?] and bring him home.”

Tseng went from referring Cloud as “Strife” to referring him in his first name. Is this his attempt at appealing to Zack’s pathos? If so there is no indication in his tone that he's making an effort.

8. But, as she walked back to the train station with her basket heavy on her hip, she knew that (she) couldn’t run from them forever.

9. She loved the rest of the team like family, but tonight was her night. She needed [to*] time to herself every once in a while.

10. The lighthearted flutter in her chest seemed to wither, to grow (growing) a little heavier.

11. First she would kick out (towards) his knee cap, [and**] then if he kept going, she would slam her heel into his groin. He would go down like a rock, she would [just**] (go) on the train, and then she’d [go to**] (arrived at) her apartment and open the bottle of wine.

12. The temperature seemed to plummet ten degrees – Oh my god. - and (the) bag fell from her arms, [fell onto**] (impacting) the concrete with a loud crack, but she hardly noticed.

13. Her mind collapsed on itself, reminding her how impossible it was(,)[.**] Reminded (reminding) her that Cloud was undoubtedly a SOLDIER somewhere far away.

14. Her legs were a blur beneath her as the saton (station) faded into the background

15. “Cloud,” she said again, growing a little more desperate, [and placed**] (placing) a hand on his shoulder. She nearly tore her hand away. [Her**] (His) shoulder was thin.

16. She was a member of Avalanche, after all[,**].[and**] (F)orcing a smile, she added…

17. Then, (to) her shock, Cloud seemed to…to understand[.**](!)
6/23 c29 11Creedsz6
I am looking forward to the next chapter
6/22 c29 25BAM50
Poor Nanaki
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