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for DxD: Death and Dragons

2/23 c1 Rimuru
oh sorry about my dumb self for not reading it is indeed a trailer chapter if so then im looking forward to it
2/23 c1 Rimuru
im so confused like the story just keep jumping around holy so im not gonna keep reading tho im not going to say it sucks too its just not my cup of tea best of luck for you
2/9 c3 Guest
Congratulations on your book release hope for your continued success
2/8 c3 ngughyendu09092006
like all story
2/7 c3 Rastaman Yow
congrats man, this may be the time i will actually read something that is not a Fanfiction of an Anime
2/7 c3 wasu544
grats man on your book coming out
2/7 c3 codywhite162
I cannot wait for this story it sounds like it will be amazing!
2/7 c3 Samael the Lightbringer
Congratulations on being a published author
2/4 c2 TheAussieRogue
I'm super interested in this!
1/6 c2 4Lord Vitiate
1/5 c1 Redpanda1224
It seems almost wrong for a DxD crossover to have a T rating.
1/4 c2 Yamajiji
This is pretty interesting. I hope you do end up writing this. It’s pretty interesting.
12/27/2020 c3 Guest
Going off current scales I've seen and some I've done for myself i could argue ichigo alone would be strongest in tybw let alone in the cfyow novel where he's stated to be similar to that of the soul king in power. From what I've heard of Issei at his strongest, max power he would be quite severely behind but still within the top tiers in power. If I had to put him somewhere he'd be around number 12 to 14. Keeps in mind that top 20 are absolute monsters.
12/28/2020 c3 Te Amohaere Peri
Bro this ain't how you write a story
12/28/2020 c3 Bestrusw
this can help. httpsvsbattles. fandom
httpsvsbattles. fandom

httpsyoutu. be/6ZtGDQ3mhD8

httpsyoutu. be/xHAf-IJWyLI

httpsyoutu. be/0FZ6qQUc0vk
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