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for DxD: Death and Dragons

8/26 c2 Sultan Asil Arslan
When DxD became a part of your story!
7/13 c2 5Fox Boss
This looks like fun, I can't wait for it to truly start.
6/4 c2 Nathanael T. Dowdy
its interesting but definitely needs each section expanded into chapters, cant wait to read more though later on
5/29 c2 eleassar.wrb
Hell yeah, waiting to see this one
5/27 c2 Nolifeking222
Cool so far can't wait for the actual story
5/26 c2 Kyu9930
Would be nice if Ichigo spent time with Sona's side of things as well rather than focusing altogether on Rias's side of the canon. Would be nice to see love interests from that side more. Or the older ones like Serafall, Gabriel, Yasaka, Kuroka, Tiamat etc.

No Xenovia as a love interest, please. Always found her personality rather abrasive...
5/25 c2 Dragonborn2704
the moonlight world won't know what hit it.
5/20 c1 jr1550434
Keep doing a great and good luck on your story
5/20 c2 jr1550434
I’m looking forward to what’s in store in the future
5/20 c2 3Silverfenics
will Ophis also romance Ichigo?
5/20 c2 Zerlulover
I can’t wait to see what happens next

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