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for Lay Down In Potter's Field

5/6 c5 guest Lumi
If ever your muse gives you more, please post! This is fantastic!
4/27 c5 Chefi Kuneva
4/20 c5 Guest
Found it yesterday, finished it today.
Damn that's good!
So wish there was more

Gaelic Night
4/15 c5 annagroups0
Thanks for updating!
4/3 c5 Grosvenor
You forgot to ask where Marlene's body is!
3/25 c5 moonprincess97524
They need to stun Fudge and dose him with calming drought. I look forward to seeing how Potter's Field acts next
3/21 c1 csheila

I lookforward to the rest
3/16 c5 Guest
My only complaint is that updates are far and few between, otherwise I love everything about this fic, from the premise to the characters and the sheer atmosphere of each separate situation.
3/2 c1 29duj
This provides an interesting reason for Snape to have always called Harry by his surname, LOL. (Presumably you're not planning to go that route, but it would have made an interesting plotline: if Snape knew, why didn't he say, and why go out of his way to antagonise someone with such power?)
2/29 c5 llewtwo
This is a really intense story! I'm excited to read more in this with all the cool worldbuilding, and I really doubt Harry's just going to cave to Dumbledore's wishes this time. Excited for the chaos! I mean. Justice..cough cough. Yep that
2/25 c2 HeartsGlow
Your most intriguing story I've read so far.
2/25 c1 HeartsGlow
2/17 c5 Guest
I just discovered the story, it's very original, I can't wait to read the rest
2/1 c5 12Banner
The feeling of ... just watching a train headed towards a break in the tracks. A disaster is unfolding right in front of us, and it might already be too late.

Thank you
1/30 c5 Guest
Please keep going. This is amazing
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