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for Lay Down In Potter's Field

6h c4 myositice
Waouh ! Idée absolument géniale ! Ta version Maitre de la mort est bien construite, clair et classe ! Merci beaucoup et en espérant te lire bientôt !
3/13 c4 Blueberry Babe
Great start. thanks
3/11 c3 3itllbeamiracleififinishastory
What an interesting premise! I love the concept!

But the characterisation of Harry...I just want to strangle him. Harry is such a wishy washy dullard.
3/8 c4 1EliteShadow
cool story so far keep up the great work i would love to be able to read more of this story please keep on writing more of this hope to read more soon!
3/6 c4 Smokeing
Very good story enjoyed reading thank you
2/13 c4 2jumping-jo
I really enjoy this story. .. It has that little bit of mythology and great potential.
2/13 c4 rsroar1017
Thanks for the new chapter and looking forward for the next chapter!
2/6 c4 Schleprok
Love the story so far. Looking forward for more.
2/2 c4 10oniforever
Finally got around to reading! I love the new chapter and am intrigued with how Potterer in Training Harry is going to handle Dumbles' on par stupidity. Also curious with why Dumbledore said that thing about the Potter Line. makes me think he knows something but not everything. Thank you so much for writing!
2/1 c4 3JRSDH1
I love it so much! I can't wait to see how Harry handles everything. Especially since Fudge is going to try and do something stupid. Solicitor? That's be interesting
2/1 c4 Aoi436
i love this. hopes it continues.
1/28 c4 Guest
when you posted the first chapters a while ago i was so excited. I was blown away by the idea of the Potter field. now I saw that a new chapter was coming. the adrenaline, the excitement, it's like a sugar rush. Please don't make me wait that long again. i will despair.
1/28 c4 3Kiseichew
I LOVE this fic! It's a shame ff did something weird with their alerts so emails don't come through, because I want to read updates for this ASAP. Thank you for writing!
1/27 c4 BadWolfKris
Loving this story, love the update to 3
1/26 c4 tommyboynv
Great to see a new chapter. Always appreciated. Albus doesn’t quite get how lucky he was….but he’ll soon learn as it becomes otherwise.
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