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8/14 c9 Pink lady
It’s one of the best journey nowadays, emotional and intense and a lot. Your characters are perfect.
8/9 c9 2Matiky
aw yeah, 'en garde'! glad you wove that bit in :)

thanks for the update. like how maura and jane are getting closer. jane is nearly there in sharing her hang-up over hoyt. but also very interesting how you're simultaneously building a secret that may(?) push the two women further from each other.

the whole paddy stuff is very interesting. i like that maura is able to accept the information in strides but not necessarily that it meant he has power over her. that's pretty badass. i really hope maura confides in jane sooner than later b/c it definitely could make jane distrustful the longer maura hides this. besides, maura needs some help in sorting out her feelings about her biological parents. though...i do like it when maura also makes other connections than jane, like frost or angela or korsak.

the mystery is killing me. i'm not the best at solving things, but i have been looking if you're giving us hints. so far i do feel paddy's being set-up, that blood spatter thing was one instance. i don't know if it's hoyt though? i think he'd make it more personal if trying to torment jane.

thanks again for sharing! have a good day.
8/9 c9 Barbie7088
Awesome story . Can't wait for more
8/9 c9 Riviera
Ah thank you for the A/N , it helped a lot of the outcome of a possible ( inevitable) Rizzles ;) It always brighten my day when there is an update , thanks!
8/8 c9 lalalalee
God I love this story so much. You know what you’re doing on some many levels and have these characters in your pocket. Maura’s internal constellation recitation was one of my favorite parts!
and Doyle can fuck right off. I’m sorry he’s made her feel insecure but she deserves to have that job!
8/6 c9 Jupiter
I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see this new chapter - it seems ages since this story first entranced me. I can't wait for the next update. Hopefully not long as you obviously have had your laptop fixed... Please...
8/5 c9 Magicfull
This was Amazing! Thanks for sharing...I love Slow burn
8/5 c9 Tvromancefan
Glad you are back! I missed your story...nice update.
8/5 c9 sally rally
This was good. No, it is great. Nice work. Very nice. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait for more. Sorry about your troubles.
8/2 c8 Born reader
Amazing chap! Thanks for sharing please continue :) Take care
7/27 c8 Rainbow
Loving it!
7/21 c8 lalalalee
beautiful chapter end, some gentleness among the confusion. i get so excited when you update!
7/20 c8 Pink lady
I am wondering if Jane will say anything about their obvious attraction or just keep flirting. Waiting to see what happens next :-)
7/15 c8 Matiky
i'm having a fun time w/ your story. i am somewhat of a sucker for wild west / women w/ horses kind of au so thanks for writing this.

i am intrigued w/ the murder mystery you got going on. b/c it's somewhat like the show but missing a few things that would make me say, for sure that's hoyt or doyle. so, i'm very curious where you're going w/ that.

i of course like the jane x maura flirtatiousness. cuteness. i like how you play up the women in a 'male' occupation that are badasses. i also find it interesting how jane maura have somewhat similar views on marriage to men. i'm looking forward to see how you have that relationship unfold and what other shenanigans they'll get into. if you're taking suggestions - clothes swap, horse back riding, swimming, does maura in your au do any fencing / sword fighting?

thanks for sharing!
7/13 c8 Riviera
Again you never disappoint me. A beautiful chapter about all these lovely characters, mainly Jane and Maura ;) Thank you
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