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5/7 c12 Listener
I really enjoy this , especially because it isnt just like « they jump into bed right away and that’s it » no you give us a real storyline very consistent. Bravo
4/28 c12 Dreamer
I really like this story , it’s so different. I hope you finally continue...
4/23 c12 swtid77
Hmm, one of the other ships. Xena maybe for the singer and Lyre player? More please, I love this story. Thank you for sharing your work :-)
4/23 c11 swtid77
They are so cute together. I hope Susie can get away from Lola.
4/23 c10 swtid77
Yes, that was a perfect first kiss for them. I love the details you use and descriptive the scenes are. It helps to imagine what is happening in my own mind. I hope they go on a date soon.
4/23 c8 swtid77
Oh, such a tease. They need to kiss already lol.
4/23 c9 swtid77
I like that you have brought Paddy into the story. I can him being helpful in taking care of Hoyt's people later in the story. Because I can see it's coming.
4/22 c3 swtid77
Aww, they should of gotten a wagon to carry Maura's trunk. But then Maura would not of had to hold onto Jane for the ride into Echo Station.
4/22 c7 swtid77
So glad you left the breaking of the cipher out lol.
4/18 c12 Mr Winter
Wow this story really has a different tone for both Jane and Maura. It is kind of edgy while being packed with underlying emotions. You do a great job of recreating the tension a lot of us have seen from the tv show. Nicely done. Hope you find the time/ energy to update this storyline
4/7 c12 River P
Wow this Is very very intense...for the love of god , post more! :)
3/29 c12 Guest
Loved it! Awesome writing
3/22 c12 Vanilla
Great story. We need more ;)
3/8 c12 Soccer lady
I loved the entire story. Thanks for posting
2/22 c12 Diego 22
I hope you are continuing this story. We need some closure , I really enjoy this
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