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7/27 c11 Guest
Excellent chapter! I look forward to the next installment.
7/25 c10 13tvjunkie
You did a great job capturing Hawkeye's voice in the letter. I love that as uncertain as he is about how to approach Margaret, his feelings for her are becoming clearer and clearer.
7/22 c11 Jakegajowski1
Loving this story! Keep up the great work!
7/22 c11 1Schrodinger's Spice
Hope the block eases soon. Really enjoying this story. I'm going to re watch the series
7/22 c11 Germanlibi
I'm sorry to hear that you have problems writing. The new chapter is great.
Thanks :-D
7/19 c4 38Wishing-for-a-Wand
Absolutely delightful!
7/12 c10 Guest
Great chapter!
7/11 c9 Guest
Excellent chapter!
7/11 c10 Germanlibi
Amazing idea! Thanks :-D
7/9 c9 13tvjunkie
LOL! Literal LOL at everyone's reactions as they listened to Susan. I can so see people getting reeled in by Margaret and Hawkeye's story, even not knowing them. Great chapter!
7/7 c9 Germanlibi
Great chapter! Thanks :-D
7/5 c8 Guest
I am so glad you are back. This chapter is very well written. The characters come alive just as if I am watching an episode of the of the show. Excellent chapter! Thank you!
7/7 c9 Jakegajowski1
Excellent- can’t wait for the next chapter! Loved this one..
7/7 c9 1Schrodinger's Spice
Really enjoying this
7/4 c8 Jakegajowski1
Such a great story so far! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
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