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3/10 c9 Guest
Please update soon please
3/8 c2 8devilzxknight86
Wraith a type of ghost of time similar
2/19 c9 AnimationFan23
Sorry for not sending a review sooner. I hope you and your grandmother are during okay. Take as much time needed to help her recuperate and well again. I really wish I read this sooner, but I was dealing with depression. I know that not an excuse for not responding, and for that I apologize.

Hope to see "Helluva Boss" make an entrance soon. Since their book can open up portals, that could be potential for Danny's escape.

Til my next review, Bro Amigo.
1/20 c4 11RedKnight21
I see you snuck in a little of the Lucifer TV show near the end! I love that show!
1/12 c9 vaultdwellerdead
Jesus! You actually fell down the stairs!?
1/11 c9 Teacuplevi
Aye, I hope you guys are good soon. Stay safe!
1/5 c9 razmire
I hope that both you and your grandmother make a full recovery.
1/2 c9 1littlewashu45
I hope you get better soon and have a late happy news year.
12/30/2020 c9 Guest
Sorry to hear about you and your grandma and I wish you both a speedy recovery. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And see you in the New Year.
12/28/2020 c1 Guest
You know when I saw that you finally updated a new chapter I was excited and then my hope went down as fast as when they said that dragon ball super anime is gonna come back and it was all a big fat lie
12/28/2020 c9 Guest
Get well soon both of you and your grandma
Btw take this advise. don't take the vaccine, your gonna get more sick and many people died from it
12/27/2020 c9 Kill king
Hope everything will be great for you man
12/27/2020 c8 DarkJoey
I hope you be okay
12/28/2020 c9 trjz
Hope u get better soon falling down the stairs sucks ... actually I'm pretty sure the first time I fell down a staircase was on Christmas
12/27/2020 c9 Timelord2511
I'm sorry to hear about your fall I've had similar stuff happen that ended in stitches for me. Good to hear that your family is doing better though! Can't wait for the next chapters, feel better brother!
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