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12/27/2020 c9 10KorevainsoLightshire
Merry belated Christmas. Glad your Grandmother is doing well.
12/27/2020 c9 3Necrogod
Thanks for let’s us know, get better soon and Merry Christmas!
12/12/2020 c8 LordNoobReview
Firstly just want to say love your story but is it bad of me to say that I enjoy Danny’s day to day life in hell trying to adapt to his new surroundings more than the bigger plot that is forming with the angel’s and hell’s king and queen right now (don’t get me wrong they are both great parts of the story to read about and I’m excited to see where that does go to) but something about Danny living a semi-normal life in hell with it’s normal (for hell) problems compared to the strenuous life of being a superhero with a secret identity while trying to keep his overly obsessed ghost hunting parents from finding out, having every attempt at a social life be interrupted by something or another, failing to keep his school grades up. All while living in a town full of ghosts that want to destroy the place, rule it or just harm him personally for one reason or another. You just know you have a pretty messed up life when you find yourself in hell and it’s actually a lot less stressful than your life on earth. Heck there's more opportunities for Danny to live a normal life in hell then on Earth he doesn't have to worry about ghost attacks (sure he does have to watch out for demons but and other threats but so does everyone else in hell) or keep is identity a secret nor does he have to keep running off to fight the next big threat. That opens up a lot of options for him that he never had in Amity Park. He can have actual school life (if hell has schools), an actual social life with friends like Octavia, and maybe find a part time job and much more. Not to mention that everyone in hell thinks he’s the hottest thing since sex (have a theory on that one it’s not just he’s attractive but he actually has an effect on demons that draw them to him in one form or another that they take as sexual lust). A chance to hang out, relax and more. (Hope we see more of Octavia love her character. Don’t know who or if you’ll ship Danny with but my main ship for this fanfic is Danny x Octavia all the way. This is not a suggestion nor am I asking you just throwing out who I’m rooting for in this story). Also wonder is Danny going to ever interact with the cast of Helluva Boss and their episodes would love to see Danny interact with the gang in Loo Loo Land Meeting the gang and Octavia’s dad.
12/14/2020 c8 simm36
ya quiero ver una pelea jajaja
buen capitulo
12/12/2020 c1 darkkrt
i ship Danny and Octavia
11/25/2020 c8 Guest
Will Charlie date Danny
11/25/2020 c8 1littlewashu45
This was really getting good, can't wait for the next chapter.
11/22/2020 c8 Alejandro
me gusta mucho esto , espero que continúe
11/14/2020 c8 Timelord2511
I can't wait for more! The only thing that needs to be said, after reading this twice, is that sometimes you forget words in sentences and they sound like broken speech. I understand completely you have the sentence in your head, you type it out and see nothing wrong with it because your brain fills it in for you. Just a friendly reminder to check everything a few times. Happened to me more times than I can count.
10/31/2020 c8 Matt
Where can I watch H.H?
11/1/2020 c8 GamingWithLisa
Take your time dont want you to be stressing over something that can be done any day
10/30/2020 c8 Guest
Would his lover be velvet
10/29/2020 c8 Bloop
Hey man. Long as this story has an actual ending (or a sequel) and not left unfinished for ever you wont hear any complaints from me. Heart breaking when a good story is left unfinished.
10/30/2020 c8 razmire
It seems that multiple people in Heaven are interested in Danny. Whether any of them can be considered future allies for him however, that remains to be seen.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
10/30/2020 c8 18Mimic12355
["Phantom? What are you going? Why is there a hole in the door?" Phantom jumped and turned around to see everyone, except Alastor. Everyone was trying to look through the hole trying to figure out what happened. He gulped and stood up as the demon pig nudged his leg. "What happened here?" Phantom turned around and he felt anger boil within him.

"I'm going to go save Angel." Phantom walked towards the open window, before Charlie ran in front of him, blocking his way.

"You can't just go and get Angel! Wherever he is!" Charlie explained as Phantom stared down at her.

"He's in danger. I can't just sit here and do nothing." Phantom argued as Vaggie walked next to Charlie.

"But you also can't just go against Valentino who is, may I remind you, one of the powerful demons in Hell!" Vaggie said trying to convince Phantom. Phantom huffed and crossed his arms.]

I feel as though there's some exchange in between these bits of dialogue that ended up going missing. How did charlie get through the hole to stop danny? How did they know Valentino was involved? Why did danny know it was Valentino who took Angel in the first place and not just snuck out? This is confusing me as it leaves gaps small enough to have the reader fill in themselves through expectation, but large enough to notice there's something missing.
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